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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Are they? Or are they not?

Ahh.. today I read more of the neverending news regarding my favourite you-know-who and her supposed beau. No, not those engagement news but according to the report, they're heading toward Splitville.

Article here

The rumors originate from Next Magazine, which I manage to read in forum. It is a good thing if you can't read chinese because I call that article a total crap and rubbish (as much as I doesn't prefer Mr.B).

Chinese article here

I'm very curious who is the other party in the news so I googled him out. His english name is Real Ting and apparently he belonged to a band or something. Has a rich family. His pics below:
(He doesn't look good in real life. Sort of like those pirated vcd peddler, if you ask me).


Funn Lim said...

So by denying she had a one night stand with Mr B's good friend, she is admitting she is having a relationship with Mr B. She's trapped either way.

sehseh said...

Why would she admit her relationship with Mr B if she denied having relationships with Mr T?

I don't see any relation to that.

And I really, really want to say this to Mr B:

Please don't say anything because you always make thing worst by making my Ms C bearing all the trouble while you bask in the 'fame' of being allegedly involved with her.

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, even if total crap must also translate because if not how would I know it is total crap? So what did the chinese article say? So now we have Mr T? Another alphabet?

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, I said so because you see it is called logical deduction.Mr B is friends with Mr T who is supposedly buying stuff for her. She allegedly spent a night with Mr T causing upset to Mr B. I assume she just denied the one night stand but she never ever really said screw Mr B, who cares what he thinks, we are not an item. Never in strong terms. So by denying she had an affair with mr T she is in a way denying her relationship with mr b is rocked by this scandal. So she is admiting their relationship without openly admitting it.

And by the way some stupid fan at that forum dared to even say why can't she have one night stands since Mr B might be having one night stands. What kind of statement is this??

sehseh said...

I will translate it.. but it will take some time since I have other 'projects' queuing up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with sehseh! Ms C has to handle everything and Mr B can bask in his new-found 'fame'.

And in my opinion, Ms C seemed just so tired of answering to these rumours that she just explained whatever necessary and went on with her life.


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