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Friday, October 14, 2005

Vote for Charmaine!

TVB 38th Anniversary is coming up so let's show support for Charmaine (or any other fav TVB artiste)!

First, you'll need to register at:

Then vote here:
(The answer is C. 38)

To vote for Charmaine, scroll down to 最佳女主角(候選名單) and choose '33 Yummy Yummy 佘詩曼'

I know, Charmaine won't win Best Actress this year but no harm showing our love and support, right? :)

By the way, anniversary series "Beneath the Charm" is coming out. I should check with my rental store to see when it's available. I'm no fan of Gigi and Anne but their costumes sure look gorgeus! Did I ever mention that Anne look great in qipao?

Here's the official website

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