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Thursday, October 13, 2005

TVB 38th Anniversary: Lighting Ceremony

The annual TVB Anniversary awards is just around the corner and yesterday, over 100 artists attended the special lighting ceremony for this year's anniversary. This year, TVB has arranged for singers such as Hacken Lee and Miriam Yeung to perform at this weekend's show, in which to promote the anniversary awards next month. At this year's award, there will be a total of fourteen awards, in which the "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" award causes the most controversy.

In the front row, standing on Sir Run Run Shaw's both side is veterans Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng. Charmaine Sheh, followed by Gigi Lai, Sonija Kwok, Myolie Wu, and Yoyo Mung stood on Dodo's side and Nancy Sit, Melissa Ng, Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung, and Bernice Liu were on the left. Top male artists were on the second row including Moses Chan, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bowie Lam, Steven Ma, Bobby Au Yeung, and Kevin Cheng. As for Sheren Tang, she was standing in the third row, instead of the first row like last year. When asked if Sheren feels that she had "lost power," Sheren replies saying that she does not mind and never analyzes which position. TVB executives explained that the row arrangements for the artists are based on the artists' popularity, period of time with TVB, and height.

No offense, but what was Sonija and Myolie thinking when choosing their outfit? Gigi's belt... well..

At the lighting ceremony this year, many of the female artists wore more revealing outfits. Sonija Kwok was wearing a top that revealed her waist, Yoyo Mung wore a backless dress, Melissa Ng was wearing a low chest dress, and others included Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh. Gigi, wearing a tricolor outfit, says that the outfit symbolizes her heart to TVB. When Gigi was asked if she has confidence in winning the 'Best Actress' award again this year, Gigi smiles and said, "Of course, but the other female contenders also have a strong chance." For Charmaine standing next to Dodo and in the first row, Charmaine feels glad and honored. Even though Charmaine only had one series that broadcasted this year, she feels happy and confident.

Moreover, this year both Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung has four series that broadcasted, in which they are also nominated for the "Best Actress" award. With also four series broadcasted this year, Moses Chan gets a bonus for the "Best Actor" award.
For the official nomination list, please visit the site above. Notice that TVB has cancelled the Top 12 Favorite Character award and Best Partnership Award. Totally killed my mood. Though Charmaine was nominated for Best Actress, I'll doubt she'll be in Top 5, considering that Yummy Yummy have low ratings in HK.

By the way, love how Charmaine looked in here. Very pretty and radiant :) I like the pastel colours and also the scarf! I had to get one!

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alice said...

OMG seh seh!!! not in the top 5?? huhh ****sniff sniff**** mad.....YUMMY YUMMY is greatttt!! stupid tvb....sorrie...

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