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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sleepy cat

Warning: Sharp claws. Disturb at your own risk.

It's been two days since I posted any real updates. Sorry, I was pretty busy these days. I've been working OT for a few days in a row. Plus, I have to come in early today (7am) to get some urgent paperwork done. Now, my eyes are disobeying me. They're like heavy curtains.

I meant post BTC episode 7-8 today and yet I forgot about it last night as I was too tired.

I need a cuppa caffeine, NOW!


shehster said...

is that your cat? it's cute!

alice said...

errrrrrr sorrie but me no like CATS and of course ANIMALS!!!

sehseh said...

Nope, not my cat... just thought that the pic is cute - (i'm the sleepy cat :P )

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