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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Rumored project: Taiji

p.s. In case some of you who are wondering why I'm online today (banner said it's my off day from internet world), let's just say I'm just a little free than usual and I couldn't resist reading the updates at my fav site,

Astro Wah Lai Toi is airing War & Beauty and Funn will be posting her episodic thoughts at Warning: Overzealous fans might not be too pleased.

By the way, saw the advertisement on 8TV that they'll be airing "Life Begins at Forty" soon. It's slotted for 7.00pm, weekdays starting from the 28th October 2005. One of my favorite series. (I have peculiar taste, okay?!)

Anyway, I was surfing through cinple forum and came across something interesting in Raymond Lam's forum.

TVB is planning to film next year big project "Taiji" with Vincent Chiu as the main lead coming Nov - Dec. For those who is familar with Vincent, you will know this series is about martial art. In fact, the title already tell all. Kenny Ho will be casted as the second lead with Raymond Lam as the 3rd. Raymond might be playing a villian.

But my interest is not in the actors. The rumored female cast are among TVB big sisters; Jessica, Gigi and Charmaine. Gigi seem to be most possible being casted for the female lead, mainly because Jessica schedule was full until January 2006 while Charmaine was supposedly to film her new series with Roger and Joe in November as well. Myolie Wu and Linda Chung was confirmed for 2nd and 3rd female lead respectively.

If this is true, I'm a bit torn over TVB decision. While I would gladly like to see Charmaine working with Roger again, I couldn't help but secretly wish she'll be casted in Taiji instead because the mainland China market is so vast and full of money making potential. That's why a lot of stars are flocking over to there.

This series is a 'Man Chor' (period) series. You know, around the late 1890 till WWI era.


alice said...

O.O vincent CHIU??? hmmm fresh pairing isn't it??? OOOO i hope charmaine.......WILL film this serie!!! and with kenny ho and raymond!! wow!!! i LOVE IT!!!..thanks seh seh for sharing your precious time for us instead of relaxing!! thankie!!

Kidd said...

By the way, saw the advertisement on 8TV that they'll be airing "Life Begins at Forty" soon. It's slotted for 7.00pm, weekdays starting from the 28th October 2005. One of my favorite series. (I have peculiar taste, okay?!)

You've got company. I also like "Life Begins at Forty". The only part I don't like is the ending. Other than that, I enjoyed the series very much. :)

sehseh said...

Haha... glad to find someone who liked LBAF!

Most of the the ppl I encounter think it as a terrible series. I was starting to wonder whether they doesn't comprehend the 'style' in LBAF or it's just me who have strange taste. Hmm...

What catches my interest is how the three male lead narrate the story using POV. I find Cheung Chi Kwong's POV particlarly enjoyable.

Alice, don't get your hopes too high. Gigi's most likely to be chosen and thinking about it, no matter what's Charmaine future project, I'd still be excited in them :)

Funn Lim said...

Uh-oh, I for one didn't like that series! I wrote the review but don't know where I chucked it.

Anyway Sehseh glad to know my website could lure you out of your very serious proclamation that no surfing on saturdays and thank you for not being the overzalous fan. But frankly you're an overzealous fan since you always attend her functions right here in M'sia. I am just surprised nobody bothered to create an official website so that when her b-day comes she might consider holding it in Msia or invite some overseas fans like JDG does. Or maybe she does do that?

sehseh said...

Aiks.. Funn, I'm an ardent fan, not overzealous.

I don't bombard any site with hate mails at the slightest insult of my goddess or build a sacred shrine for her. Let's just say whilst I'm very passionate in Charmaine and her activities, I can proudly say I can maintain some sanity.

She does organize bday bash with her HK fans every year. The problem with her overseas fans is that 1. language barier, 2. no one to take charge 3. Charmaine's schedule.

You might know this, Charmaine never has the time to check her mail and all of them go through her agent. Of course she would like to meet her fans but sometimes her agent need to prioritise her schedule... so most of the time, got declined.

But bump into Charmaine inpromptu and you'll know she's such an accomodating person. Wait little time she had, she will try to spend with her fans and chat with them.

Talking abt events, don't tell me you'll miss the chance to see JDG in person if you have the time (and opportunity!);P

sehseh said...

Btw... I'm currently watching "Model".

What a torture! The lipstick! The hideous pants! Praying mantis figure! Gawd!

The only reason I'm persevering is for the 2 male leads (focusing only from chest onwards as the pants were erm...)

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, you're right about one thing; if JDG is in Msia I will RUN to see him, just to catch a glimsp of him. So far only JDG and perhaps Shaun Chen can make me do that. Actresses....very few.

And you're so right abt Model. Now you know why it was a torture for me. The 1st 2 episodes were like so loud like I can't stand it. I think editing problem since it was 30 plus episodes now trimmed to a mere 20 something episode. Only JDG had be going and yet when I see him in those hideous costumes I kinda wonder why am I killing my obsession.

Sehseh I recommend Medical Brothers or the alt title is Brothers In Medicine. Very very good series with a very intriguing storyline and JDG's character is somewhat similar to Li Zheng BUT worse! Like wanna fly kick him kinda worse.

By the way what is praying mantis figure? What I couldn't understand though do models really need to take cha-cha lessons?

Funn Lim said...

Between I don't mind meeting Charmaine. One to see how tall she is, 2nd to see how skinny she is and 3rdly I am sure she is better looking in person. I wouldn't mind having her autograph because really I do like her. But my chances of getting her autograph is the same as bumping into her; meaning nil. Have you ever gotten her autograph since you took pictures with her right?

sehseh said...

I'm watching a 24 disc version of Model. However, I suspect that it's more than one episode per vcd because it's so darn long per disc. Like around 80-90 mins. Sometime I wished they could just speed up things, instead of torturing us with their photoshoots poses and lip pouting models.

I'm still at episode 8, so I guess JDG will have more character development. But for now he reminded me of his role in AAE, those SNAG (sensitive new age guy) role. Definitely expect to see a bad ass version of him towards the middle. But... I'm biased towards Yuan Jun (Han Jae Suk - he's not so chubby and definitely loved his brooding looks).

By the way what is praying mantis figure? What I couldn't understand though do models really need to take cha-cha lessons?

The actresses figure look like a praying mantis. Stick thin with bulging head. And hate it when they wriggle their non-existent butt during those 'dance' sequence. Well, according to model rationale, dancing was meant to 'train' their tempo (does that mean they have to catwalk according to the music beat?)

Charmaine is not that short. But she does look very petite like you can crushed her anytime. Hope she could gain back her weight. And yes, she is prettier in person. The first thing ppl comment when they first saw her in person is her eyes. "Very huge and pretty eyes". Which is true because she can even 'electrified' other girls (as per other ppl confession).

Yes I have her autographs.

sehseh said...

By the way, reached episode 13 in 'Model' and I felt like karate chopping Li Zheng (ZDG) head's off. And I thought he was such a sweet, nice guy in the beginning.

Manipulating Li, beating and raping his ex-gf... kinda shocked me.

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