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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rain's HK Concert news

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Rain took a ferry ride

After completion of his Hong Kong concert, Rain quickly proceed to board a ferry to view night scene of Hong Kong. In order not to reveal his whereabout, Rain board the ferry at Central, Hong Kong and alighted at Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry terminal at about 1am, where more than 10 reporters and fans waiting, Rain smiled and waved to them when he saw them. He boarded the car and headed towards No. 1 Beijing street. A lot of other fans got news of this, till 3:30am, reports discovered that several vans drove out from the car park but all drew-down with curtains and there is no sight of Rain. Until 12 noon yesterday, Rain and his staff left the hotel and proceed to the airport directly. He used the hotel staff passage way towards the north gate, when the Mega star appeared, the long-waiting fans screamed and rushed towards him. Rain has initially intended to shake hands with his fans to bid farewell but to prevent disorder, he did not do so. His staff quickly pushed him to the departure gate and Rain turned around to wave to his fans to bid farewell.


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Korean Heavenly King Rain performed at Hong Kong in a wildful act for Rain fans. On Sunday night which is the last concert {One2Free Rain Rainy Day Hong Kong Concert 05}, showering the audience with his charming smile, 42-inch broad musculine chest and blowing kisses, even made seductive move like ‘pretending’ act of taking off his pants, causing a new “high” atmosphere at the concert. He ripped off his shirt shortly after the concert started, using both of his arms to ‘pretend’ taking off his belt and pants, resulting loud scream from female fans.

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At one point when Rain was dancing with a sexy female dancer whose accessory on her dress was hooked onto Rain’s belt buckle, both of them struggled a while before they could get separated, Rain at this time revealed a cheeky and oddward smile.

During the concert, Rain again invited a matured-looking female audience to act as his stage ‘girlfriend’, when this lady said that she is 20 years old, Rain commented in English [Really? Very young!] Rain was in a very good mood that night, has said many times [I Love You] and blew kisses to the audience. Towards the end of the concert, Rain and his dancers were splashing water to each other, he was so mischievious to pull his mentor Mr J Y Park out from the backstage and splash water on him too. At last Rain held placards with Chinese words to show his appreciation and thank all his fans for their support, making a perfect closing of his concert in Hong Kong.

The last night of his concert, there were several celebrities attended his concert, they are Stephen Fung, Deanie Yip, Kam Kok Leong, Miss Hong Kong Winner Yip Chui Chui, and even Cecilia Chung whom very much admired by Rain attended with her Caucasian boyfriend, with her rumored ex-boyfriend Jordan Chan sat next to her; they did not talk much but left the concert together shortly before it ended.


alice said...

HI seh seh!!

i just have one quick question! Do u kno if Bi's concert will be on sale or not?? thanks

sehseh said...

Alice... there's no confirmation whether Rain will have a concert in Malaysia

alice said...

no i mean like can we buy rain's concert overseas like on s dvd or vcd?? thanks

sehseh said...

Rain's 1st concert - Rainy Days are selling in Malaysia. The concert was in 2004. You can buy the VCD set around RM23-24 at video stores like HK Video. Speeedy is not selling it, though.

So far, I haven't saw the DVD version at stores but you can get them online.

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