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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rain: Taiwan, here I come!

Rain to hold concert at Taipei Metropolitan Dome at the end of this year

Following the musical Snow. Wolf. Lake, the Taipei Metropolitan Dome will feature the performance of Korean's Heavenly King, Rain. Due to overwhelming requests from Taiwanese fans, the entertainment company of Rain has decided to end his final overseas concert tour this year in Taiwan. Taiwan fans are for a treat to his great dancing skills and well-toned body.

The Korean Romance-Comedy Series "Full House" has given Rain a boost in popularity. His concert tours around the world have been achieving overwhelming responses from countries such as Korea, US, Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, with each concert sold out quickly every time. However, the destination of his final concert of the year has been undecided for a long time, despite getting enthusiastic invitations from places like Thailand and Singapore. Finally, it was the thirty thousand taiwanese fans who succeeded in winning the bid, and the decision to hold Rain's year-end concert in Taiwan was finalised on 23 Oct.

Despite being in the industry for a short three years, Rain has strong stage appeal. His ability to dance well and sing well has captured the hearts of many female fans.

Rain's original schedule to promote his drama in Taiwan earlier this year was cancelled later. To make this up to his Taiwan fans, holding his year end concert in Taipei Metropolitan Dome on the 29th Dec 05 is the best New Year present his fans will receive.

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Extra! 'This Damned Love' press event pics. Credits to sexy-bi and

Aiks... why choose this coat? It would have been better if he wore a white coat with that black sweater. But then again, the pics look so somber like they all attending a funeral.


Anonymous said...

I confess I think he looks much better in these photos than before. More... serious. And mature. The new hairstyle and glasses helped to create a positive refreshing image - but remind us of a certain Bae Yong Jun? The glasses... Rain's pair is very trendy, but certainly it's hard not to get reminded of Bae Yong Jun (although I'm no fan of his, or Rain for the matter. Just taking a neutral stance)

sehseh said...

He's wearing the glasses because he is short-sighted :)

He wore specs on his casual pics (with family and friends). I suspect his short-sightedness was not serious but perhaps only when he's reading or driving.

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