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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rain & JYP Dancer Team

Found an article regarding Rain's back dancers. Hehe... if you are Rain's fans, then you will surely find these faces familiar. Translation credit to Raina from

Along with Rain, there is an increasing interest in his background dancers. Who are these background dancers who show dynamic group dancing and hold the best stage with Rain? Now for the first time, I am about to open the practice spot outside their brilliant stage, where these JYP Dancer Team are sweating, who also take responsibility for choreography of such as IVY.

Park Nam Yong (’79):
Park Namyoung is 185cm, the tallest in the team. During last Hong Kong visitation, he was once famous(?) for the role of ‘Imitation Rain’ so as to cast paparazzi away.

It was after being discharged from military service that he joined JYP, who has been blindly interested in dancing since childhood. As the eldest of the team, he mostly undertakes the coordination of schedule.

“If I dance behind Rain, I feel great because there is great response ahead. Even I feel electrified. Jihun is just the best! If he became elevated, Jihun didn’t show ostentation. Prior to a star, he behaves real nicely as a junior.”

Kim Hwa Young(or Gim Hwayeong)(’82):
The stage had been of all male dancers since the 1st album, when Kim Hwayoung joined them from the time of ‘It’s Raining.’ Amidst male group dancing, her ‘aesthetics of sex’ is so outstanding that fans love her.

Entering Park Jinyoung’s Choreography team, she joined JYP, and worked as a background dancer of Park Jiyun and Park Jinyoung. Her share of responsibility is such as teaching JYP trainee singers and as far as disciplining an untractable male fellow.

She and Rain have been on terms of sister and brother since their trainee days.

She compliments Rain, “Unlike the charisma on the broadcasting, Rain actually does many favors to the people around and smiles often times.”

Chung Sung Tak (or Jeong Seong Tak)(’79):
With 9 years experience, Jung Sungtak is tacitly passed as the leader of the team. He is an original member of JYP who first started as a back dancer of Park Jinyoung.

He, Park Namyong and Rain worked together to create the sensational and dynamic choreography shown in the stage of the ‘It’s Raining.’

Because not too good was the dancing piece that a American choreographer made for Rain, the three of them had to be face to face for solution at a corner of New York.

“Seeing Rain on the side, I would sometimes felt he was pitiable. Recently when he was suffering mischievous rumors, it was hurting for me to watch him on the side. I am still wondering, Where can that outrageous rumor come from?”

Choi Gi Suck (or Choi Gi Seok)(’80):
Choi jisuk had previously worked as a background dancer of such as SES and Boa in S.M. Entertainment, and joined and shared the sweets and bitters of life with JYP since the 1st album of Rain until still now. He is the maker of good atmosphere in the team.

It is his 1st grade in high school that he was addicted to dancing, when he learned dances watching ‘Seo Taeji and Kids’ and ‘Deux.’ He feels all contented with his dance being acknowledged in overseas, who says he is always happy because he is doing what he likes.

“I feel the most worthy of myself as a background dancer when the singer whom I work with wins the first place. Rain is quite the best. Because Rain is the most diligent friend of the people I’ve ever seen.”

Song Jae Hong(’80):
Song Jaehong also has been in the Park Jinyoung Choreography Team since 1997. He is JYP’s original member like Kim Hwayoung.

For the choreography assigned by the company, they all work together to produce. And above all, they make it a point to harmonize more completely between music and dance.

To him who directs almost all the dances of JYP singers, there were sad days he suffered, of course.

“At first, there were indeed many hard matters for me. I used to boil instant noodles in the practice room, and run errands for seniors,.. so that I could learn dancing. It is right at that time that I learned these fast and flexible movements of the present.”

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