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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Rain gives fashion tips to Jang Dong Gun

Source: Ming Pao

《週刊女性》 "Women Weekly", a Japanese magazine reported that idol sensation; Rain is actually a close friend of Jang Dong Gun. Before entering showbiz, Rain was already a loyal fan of JDG, after Rain entered entertainment circle they became buddies. Not only did they always went out to have dinner and drinks, Rain also visited JDG's home frequently. JDG also invited him to his birthday bash.

Recently, Rain present a special pair of jeans to JDG, making him very happy. A south korean reporter disclosed: "Rain good taste in fashion was well known in entertainment circle, while JDG... (laughs), that is why Rain constantly give him some opinion in fashion."


Funn Lim said...

Why is there a ... after JDG? Does it mean his fashion sense suck?

Fair enough. I feel the same way too.

sehseh said...

Funn, was JDG fashion sense really that... erm.. 'questionable'?

Never given a thought into that until I saw this news.

Funn Lim said...

Sometimes ok, not as stylo as Rain though. I mean look at the summit at Japan and you see right? Most times too flashy, like flower shirt! Seen that ghetto look in my website? I almost fainted. Yeah very questionable but really not really that bad but someone as good looking as that should have excellent fashion sense.

sehseh said...

Well, can't have em all...

But who cares, if you're rich and famous (and good looking to boot ;)):

You can always hire a personal stylist (provided they aren't Britney/Christina ex stylist...)

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