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Monday, October 24, 2005

Rain bares his chest in cold weather

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On Saturday night, Korean superstar Rain held his concert at Beijing Workers Gymnasium at a cold weather with a low temperature of 6 degrees celsius. As the concert was held in an open-space stadium, regardless of the cold weather, Rain without taking consideration of his health, has several times bared his body showing his muscular tone-up body, and on top of this, has the artificial rain showered on him, raising the temperature of the stadium and fans were screaming with excitement.

Rain’s Beijing first solo concert was officially commenced on Saturday night (22 October), at the scene, there was a 7-seater van and the organizer in charge has hired 1,000 odd security guards to maintain law and order. The concert was the same as his Hong Kong’s concert, Rain’s younger female apprentice from JYP Entertainment, Star is the first to perform in his concert. She was wearing a steep-cut dress, singing the song of [Full House], truly capture the attention of the audience. Follow by that, Rain appeared wearing tight t-shirt with a black glittering leather coat, and the audience immediately got into a “crazy’ state, majority of them standing up to have a glimpse of their idol.

Rain greeted the audience with his ‘popular’ adorable smile, saying in Mandarin : [I love all of you, how are you, I am Rain.] The he commented that he wanted to train and tone-up his body, while saying so, he lifted up his body to show some reflexes and muscles, this again lead to roar of screams from his fans. At one part, Rain had a ‘hot’ dance with a Bra-Top lady dancer, all audience were so mesmerized by this dance number. After this, Rain said in English : [I need a girlfriend.] He chose a lady fans to the stage, giving her a bracelet, a teddy bear soft toy and a bouquet of flower, and took out a ring, kneel down on the ground as like making a proposal to this lady fans, then gave her a pretending ‘kiss’, this lady fans was in “cloud nine”.

After changing in his white shirt and white cap, and suddenly stripping off his shirt revealing his muscular body, under such freezing cold weather, without taking precaution of catching a cold, he was even drenched by the ‘man-made’ rain for exactly 3 minutes, putting in a lot of effort in his performance. Follow by this, he changed into a black vest, again Rain torn his top to reveal his masculine body, smiling and shyly using both his hands to cover his chest, extremely comical. The most touching scene of the concert was when Rain sang a song for his ‘mum in the heaven’, saying [I want to say I love you to my beloved person.], then in Mandarin [I love all of you.] All audience in the stadium responding very well. Rain ended his Beijing Solo Concert with 2 times encore.

Meanwhile, Zhang ZiYi who was in Beijing shooting the film [Banquet], initially wanted to watch Rain’s concert, but she was asked to act an additional shot, so she was not destined to watch it.

A shot of him in his new series "This Damned Love". He'll make a cool bodyguard.

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