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Friday, October 21, 2005

Provocative? Or just plain vulgarity?

I was doing my usual HK entertainment news update and had my appetite spoiled by two news with pics accompanying.

First, which I'm very sure some of you might have seen from the other sites, is Edison Chen LEVI's jeans advertisement in Japan. Jeans ad has always be provacative - laden with semi naked, crotch grabbing models. But advertisement like this? I'm open-minded but this ad, clearly has no taste. For this one, I wished he could have choosen a better looking underwear to compliment the jeans. Secondly, Grass Hopper's concert. I can't even upload the pics as the IT dept might think I'm posting pornographic material.

To see the pics, go here and here. The Grasshoppers has always been good dancers, and I really enjoyed their songs when I'm still in primary school. But the dancing choreography... a bit OTT in my opinion. I don't mind showing skin... but the action... they need to be done with taste (especially with the 2nd pic - no men on crotch, please). You can be fully clothed and yet be so sexy. Same goes if you doesn't have a thread on your body, that doesn't make you sexy.

Maybe I'm too conservative.


Mr X said...

I don't think you are too conservative. For most of us living in the First World, free speech is a given (although if Dubya has his way, this won't happen) but I think with that comes responsibility. Sometimes advertising like that just pushes it too far. The thing is, you can be provocative but surely the purpose has to be slightly more meaningful than marketing?

Please take the time to visit my own humble blog, in which I whine about the Sydney press.

sehseh said...

Thanks Derrick, I'll be visiting your site.

Whatever the (current) trend says, sex is still the best selling tool. If it makes money, say goodbye to social ethic through the window.

Kidd said...

Haha. For that photo that showed his underwear, I don't even know that is his underwear. I thought it's his undershirt (i.e. another shirt he wore beneath the long sleaved t-shirt. U know, those hip-hop guys like to wear 2 shirts.

I normally don't like pictures and ads that are too sexual or too expose (i.e. those scantily glad slimming ad models) and that Grasshopper concert picture is very very distasteful. But, surprisingly, I thought that picture with Edison on the beach with that girl is quite tastefully done. At least it doesn't make me cringe like other sexual pictures. Btw, who is that girl in the picture? She looks familiar. Also, that guy looks more like Shawn Yu than Edison Chen. I only identify he is Edison Chen because of his haircut and earring (it's the same as the other picture).

Funn Lim said...

Not vulgar, just distasteful I guess. Western models have posted these poses before but I was just shocked that guy is Edison Chan. he looked crushed under the girl's ermmm heavy upper body. The girl looks like a drug addict. Truth is I understand the need to emphasise on the flexibility of the jeans but why hike up his shirt and then crush her naked chest to his equally naked chest whilst crushing her obviously tightly fitted jeans to well you know what I mean. You kinda know what the pose is supposed to mean right? Maybe you're right... it is vulgar and what is worse is Edison Chan said yes to such ads.

As for the grasshopper one, sometimes I do wonder is it a concert or a skin show? But seriously, the models hold their ermmm chests throughout the song? Must be very tiring to dance and yet grab your own ample breasts.

I was more shocked with semi porno pics of Maggie Siu actually.

sehseh said...

Funn, you're right abt Maggie Siu's ad. Look more like soft porn magazine cover, if you ask me.

I'm more offended with the male dancer's face in Grasshopper's crotch. Eww...

Kidd... I don't know abt the undies part. Hmm... maybe I should take a closer look. On a 2nd thought, I'll give it a pass :P

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