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Monday, October 10, 2005

Charmaine skincare photoshoot

Since returning from filming in Yinchuan, Charmaine Sheh continues her position as a spokesperson for a skin care brand. Yesterday Charmaine did a photo shoot for the latest advertisment for her company, receiving a reward of seven digits. Earlier while filming in Yinchuan, Charmaine was exposed to the heat and sun, as well as rain, thus slightly affected her skin condition. Charmaine says that her skin got a bit tan due to filming in the sun outdoors. For the photo shoot, Charmaine dressed up in white and standing next to a white flower vase, displaying a symbol of pureness.

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Here's another translation by Muka:

Charmaine just filmed a new commercial (they don't mention product names in newspaper but I think it is a skin-lightening product) after coming back from mainland, and even the boss of the company gave Charmaine a lot of props for staying so light-skinned/white despite always working under the sun!! And to make Charmaine's skin even more outstanding, the commercial features a lot of white ceramics, and after the shoot was done, Charmaine laughed and said "Wow I have never seen so much white, the brightness makes my eyes hurt!"

It turned out that the company had decided to use Charmaine for this commercial 6 months ago, but because of all the work she has for TVB, she couldn't shoot it until now, but the company didn't mind and said they only want Charmaine for this commercial and no one else. "I really thank the company for waiting for me, so I will do my best, I will be shiny-white for this commercial!"

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