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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Charmaine burned on stake!

Before anyone have a heart attack (or Charmaine haters doing silly dances in the background), rest assured that this is just reel life. What I'm talking about is the latest mag scan of DFOGS (Dancing Flame of Golden Sands). Here's my brief translation:

(Major spoilers ahead!) Please do not repost without warning.


On the way back to their village, Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine) and a female companion were raped by bandits. When she finally return to the village, the villagers accused her of being 'dirty' thus they want to burn her alive on stake. Will our female lead survive being burned?

Charmaine said filming this scene was particular difficult: not only she had to be wrapped in thick cloth and withstand the heat (real fire here) under the glaring sun, later in the same scene there was also raining scene as well.

Charmaine said the scene where the bandits chased her to the cliff was really scary. Though safety precaution was made, she was still wary because the terrain was bumpy and uneven.

Apart from that, the cast has to suffer filming during sandstorm - the sands can get into their mouth. Also, as the majority of the locals in YinChuan are Muslim, therefore there were no pork, only mutton. (Charmaine: But luckily I packed some pork!)

Moses Chan: Bravely saving his lover

Back to the filming: As Charmaine was burned on stake, her lover Tung Sing (Moses Chan) quickly rushed to the scene to save her. Moses threatened the villagers with a bunch of firecrackers.

Narrow escape: A sudden rain put out the fire and Moses quickly untied the ropes.

Loving embrace: Two of them who went to so many hardships together, finally realized how important is love and hugged tightly.

Off screen

Bowie, who was an ardent fan of photography, took pictures of Charmaine on the stake while the filming crew prepares the scene for filming.

Before the scene

The other female companion (sorry, don't know how to read her name) injured her hands while filming a struggling scene. On the other hand, in the story Charmaine wanted to jump off the cliff to protect her chastity. However, she couldn't because she was pregnant with Moses' baby. She has no choice but to let the bandits have their way with her. One tragedy lead to another, she has to be burned on stake because of this.

More spoilers:

Think the event above was horrible enough? If you read my previous spoilers regarding DFOGS, you will know that (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!) Charmaine will have a miscarriage and Moses will die in the war.

Note: Please do not repost without warning, nor put it as a "News" thread because then a lot of people will read it unknowingly and start a major discussion - even if this series was not released yet! I know from my experience from other forum, some people just can't keep secret. "XX died. It sucks!" "Oh, no! I hate XX becuase I heard XX was so evil!" and etc. You know what I meant.

Anyway, here's more pictures of DFOGS filming. Special thanks to Qingwa for introducing me to a new Charmaine forum. All pics belong to Bowie Forest and Charmaine Sheh International Fan Club.


alice said...

SEH SEH!!! ***sniff sniff*** i kno i am over reacted...but i am crying to read that spolier...even tho it is only A SERIE...but it was sad and touching..!! can't wait to SEE it so i could cry my butt OFF!!!..OMG..charmaine and moses love story are sooo romantic!! can't wait to see IT!!! thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! how sad. Poor Charmaine. I agree with you alice. I remember how depress when I watched WAB >_<.
Can't wait to see Charmaine and Moses love story too cause I still remember them as father-daughter so wonder to see DFOGS.

sehseh if you've a chance to talk to Charmaine please tell her I want to see her in comedy. It's so depress seeing lots of drama/tragedy series, need some to relax la. (Maybe wuxia series with Chilam :D :D :D)

Thank sehseh for translation.
Good luck seeing Charmaine next month la.


alice said...

yep yep yep QINGWA!!! yea seh seh..please do TELL charmaine that if u have a chance!!! tell her to accept role that is funny!! please!! if u can!!!

Anonymous said...

aww no happy ending. Are you for real on this? lol. I thought I read somewhere, they lived happily ever after or that could be wrong. Well, gotta wait till its done in order to see. Thanks for the info.

sehseh said...

I'm not sure sure... Moses did return as a soldier, but think that he went back to war later..

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