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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Beneath the Charm: Episode 5-6

First thing first, here's the themevideo d/l link I promised to upload. It's a better quality version.

I have a particular liking for Ming Wai's conversation with her husband.

Her husband was teasing her and asked whether she's knitting a scarf for him. Ming Wai retort, which clearly showed her frustration for his slacking attitude:

"Now I'd rather knit a rope for you to hang yourself"

Very funny moment as she looked dead serious while Cheung Chi Kwong just chuckled it off.

I'm rather surprised with Moses and Yoyo's comedic chemistry. I must say I haven't been too fond of her previous roles, but I'm slowly liking Yi Fong.

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Yi Fong and Yau Yip made a bet that Wan Siong would choose their choice of books. Yi Fong picked some love novels (with a lot of crying plotlines) while Yau Yip choosed some literature works. In the end Yau Yip loses because Wan Siong picked two of his collection and three of Yi Fong's.

However, I felt that they have questionable taste. Giving love novels with a lot of crying plots to a chronically depressed woman? Worst, "Dream of Red Chambers" (Yau Yip's recommendation) which is like one of chinese greatest love tragedy?! They might have just pass a knife to Wan Siong. Wait, she already took a knife...

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Yi Fong was sick after having her dinner with Yau Yip and she had to abstain from some food, including her beloved century egg pastry. Yau Yip was walking out from his office and guess what he's eating? Yeap, century egg pastry.

Of course she won't be able to resist staring at the pastry but Yau Yip was 'perasan' and misunderstood that Yi Fong was interested in him. The thought of that was so scary he immediately bolted out of office.

I'm having trouble not to comment about Mandy's performance. But really itching to do so. You do the guessing...

On other cast, not much stand out performance. Yau Seng, despite being six feet under, is still my favorite character. I'm having problem liking Ming Wai because while I admire her courage, I'm a little put of by her over-concern for her father's approval. Everyone else could might as well be dead to her.

I understand why she wouldn't want to inform her father regarding Wan Siong incident with the knife, but she also never spoken a sincere word of concern to Wan Siong. I couldn't help but think that in the back of her mind, she still believe that Wan Siong was a bad woman and not 'clean' enough for Chuk family.

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