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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Reviews coming up

It's been some time since I last wrote a review. Think it's Initial D if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I will try to post new reviews during the coming week. Expect:

1. Full House (no prize for guessing! :P)
2. Rainy Days concert
3. Drink, Drank, Drunk

Also, will post up these after finish watching:
1. Yummy Yummy (sorry, screencaps still in progress. I know, I'm lazy...)
2. Love Story in Harvard

Planning to watch some Korean flicks (and will write review if I do get to watch them):
1. My Little Bride
2. My Boyfriend is Type-B

Hmm... wondering what series 8TV is going to air after LSH? I hope it's either My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (heard it was hilarious) or Sangdoo, Let's Go To School! (Rain, Rain! Ahhhhhhhhhhh)

p.s. I've been searching for Bishonen (starring Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung) for quite some time already. Any fellow malaysians know where I could get my hands on the movie? Please?

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