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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rain's 1st Live Concert - Rainy Day

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I finally got it! Rain's concert! Though I couldn't get the DVD version, I was happy to get my hands on the VCD at HK Video Centre. They're selling for RM19.90 (3 discs, which is consider cheap lah~). The only downside of the VCD is that it does not have the gallery and the remix track. I can forgo that (I have tons of his pics anyway!).

Anyway, I watched the concert twice and I'm going to rewatch it again tonight before posting my review about it in here. Do expect a glowing review from me :)

After watching the concert, Rain's officially my numero uno oppa. He's not just a singer, actor or dancer; he's an artiste, a great entertainer in his own right!

Aza aza Fighting!!!

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Disc # 1
1) My way
2) Evil Man
3) Last handshake
4) Again and again
5) Did you have to...
6) Looking
7) Quiz
8) I do
9) You know

Disc # 2
1) I
2) Running away from the sun
3) Not used to
4) Now you like me?
5) Instead of goodbye
6) To you
7) I do (ENCORE)

Disc # 3 Rain's special feature
1) Rainyday
2) For the rainyday
3) Rain's history

Want to get the DVD?
Coolwin-video link:

Yesasia link: (a little expensive but with much more extra freebies)

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