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Monday, September 05, 2005

Rain to launch Asia tour in 20 cities next year!

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Taiwan fans will have a chance to see "Lee Young Jae" in summer next year! Yesterday, in Tokyo, Rain announced that he will hold his very first Asia tour in summer next year, and the tour is expected to cover 20 cities including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hongkong, China & Singapore. There will be a total of 30 concerts.

The 23-year-old Rain held concerts in Tokyo's Budokan over the past 2 days. He expressed that he plans to reside long-term in Japan next year, in order to focus on the japanese market.

In actual fact, Rain has already launched his concert dvd in Japan on 31 August. The minute the dvd was launched, it ranked #4 on the sales chart, thus providing a good boost to his career in japan. Other than this, he also announced that he will hold his very first Asia concert tour in summer next year, and Taiwan is slated to be one of the stops, however the exact concert date has yet to be scheduled.

Full House, the drama which Rain and song Hye Gyo co-starred in, propelled Rain to stardom in Asia this year, and this serial achieved high viewership ratings in Taiwan. In July this year, Rain went to HK to promote his album, and chaos erupted everywhere he went. In terms of popularity, he definitely does not lose out to another Korean heavenly king, Bae Yong Jun.

Rain will be holding his first concert in HK in Oct. Although the concert tickets have not gone on public sale, his fans have already started a ticket-snatching frenzy.

It was rumored recently that Pepsi will be paying Rain a 8-figure sum to be their endorser. Other than this, Rain will also be replacing Jay as the new endorser of DHC cosmetics line in HK. His endorsement fee is HKD$4 million, which is more than Jay's fee of HKD$3 million. It looks like the endorsement war between the 2 single-eyelids Asia heavenly kings has just started.

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Plus! Rain visit to Hong Kong

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Ahhhh... my handsome prince!

Korean young Heavenly King Rain arrived Hong Kong yesterday bringing along rain, he was there as the new ambassador of skin product brand DHC, to attend an opening ceremony at the new store. Rain’s visit to Hong Kong this time was given a “king” treatment with special protection from the police; thousands of his Fans crowded and jammed Canton Road at TsimShaTsui; in order to make this event a grand one, the organizer hired a Maserati car to drive him to the event place with body guards, a true Mega-Star treatment.

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The fans are so frenzied that the 40 bodyguards and police officers had a hard time holding them down. One word: Chaos.

Rain arrived Hong Kong from Japan at noon yesterday, shortly after he changed into a suit top with jeans to attend the opening ceremony at the new store, there were strict and tight security at the event place with 40 body guards and over 20 policemen to maintain law and order. When Rain arrived, he waved with a gentle smile to his Fans, saying in Cantonese “How are you”. He and the Store Manager presented and witnessed the lion dance for the opening ceremony, he was impressed with the lion dance. After the ceremony, the organizer presented a bouquet of pink roses to Rain, a “Learn to speak Cantonese” CD and a Lifetime Membership. Rain in turn said thrice “thank you” in Cantonese.

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(Rain’s concert in Hong Kong next month which the ticket office will commence public sale this Thursday; there were already queue outside the ticket booth yesterday, hoping to buy the best seat at the concert.
Now at the scene, Fans have used different ways to reserve a place in the queue, some using stools, others used shoe boxes etc. According to 1 female fan interviewed said that there are 10 of them taking turns to reserve the place, each queuing for 5 hours. The queue has started since 5pm on 2 September, the guys will queue during the night. She stressed that even if they could not buy a good seat, they will definitely not consider buying [illegal overpriced tickets] over internet! Credit to Renatta from

With regards to this time “snatching the rice-bowl” of Jay Chow being the new ambassador of DHC, Rain commented that he has not met Jay in person, only knew that he’s an outstanding singer. Rain revealed that he is now learning Cantonese, English, Japanese and Mandarin, planning to sing in Cantonese. He hopes to able to sing in Cantonese to his Fans in his October concert, he has invited his teacher as guest. As when asked about his idol Cecilia Chung as guest?, he avoided the question smiling said “Jay Chow, Andy Lau, whom he wanted to invited whoever is popular.” (Is there a chance to co-star with Jackie Chan?) he said he doesn’t know about this but Jackie is a reknown actor, if there’s a chance he would like to try. There is news that Rain will visit Hong Kong Disneyland, but his Hong Kong Manager Ms Chen Ka Ying denied, Rain will stay in Hong Kong for 1 week but try to squeeze some spare time to visit Disneyland, he loves “Mickey Mouse”.

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Will Rain re-use his tricks again? Last time he used a body double (as if he left HK, but in reality he sneaked to a tour in Disneyland HK!)

In fact, Rain’s visit this time was given special treatment from the police, when he touched down Hong Kong airport, he used the special tunnel to the car park and the police has even closed a bus lane so Rain can board the car conveniently. Although this arrangement has disappointed his Fans who were waiting to receive him at the airport, but they have hired cars to chase after Rain in order to see their Idol. As for his hotel which has pre-arranged to let Rain use the special tunnel to enter the hotel, the police has also blocked the zebra-crossing area, forbiding pedestrians to cross. At 4:30pm, Rain left the hotel heading for the event place, halfway near Jordan street, he switched car to board the Marserati car; and the police has specially allowed him to alight at the bus lane which is in front of the store entrance – what a grand treatment for Rain.

p.s. Rain will be appearing on Time Magazine (Asia Edition) so do look out for it!


sehseh said...

I want Rain to have a concert in Malaysia!!!

Even if it's mighty expensive, heck I'll go for it!

alice said...

yep yep yep !! thank you seh seh!!i willl go to IT TOO!!'s RAIN!!!

Anonymous said... matter how expensive is it, as long as Rain hv concert in Malaysia, i definately go to see....btw, i saw on China Press (newspaper)tat said MAYBE Rain will be hving a concert in Malaysia on December...unfortunately, i dunno mandarin so dunno wat its about but i ask sumone to read it for me so if i got further info i post it lah....

sehseh said...

In that case, I guess I'll set aside around RM300 and add more to it later if the amount is not enough.

Dunno how much the VIP ticket will cost... RM400-500, perhaps?

Well, that is IF Rain is really holding concert in Malaysia coming Dec...

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