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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rain leave HK

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Source: The Sun, 08-09-2005

Korean popular star Rain since coming to Hong Kong last Sunday to attend press conference for DHC, had kept low profile on shooting the commercial. He finally appeared to see his fans only yesterday morning.

Since appearing last Sunday for the press conference, for the past 2 days Rain has been resorting to all means to keep low profile on his commercial shooting. Accordingly, Rain was scheduled to leave Hong Kong to return to Korea yesterday, for this reason, he made a surprise appearance to see his supporting fans yesterday morning; there was not a site of the big-built body guards to block cameras, and he was using the main door allowing everybody to take photos of him, he even waved with his charming smile, showing sign of appreciation to his fans.

Yesterday morning at 8:15am, Rain wore a cap with a long-sleeve top revealing his muscular body, left the hotel using the main entrance to board his car. Though it was early morning, he did not put on sunglasses, waved with his charming smile to his Fans. Fans were screaming when Rain revealed his broad back while bending over to board his car. Numerous Fans hired mini-vans to chase after him. The car arrived at the white house at Sai Kung to continue shooting the commercial. Staff used black cloth and anti-reflective board to seal the windows. Till about 12noon, they went to buy packet rice for everyone including Rain as lunch. The shooting ended at 5pm and Rain returned to the hotel. At night, he proceeded to the airport and departed for Korea.

Jay Chow lose commercial deals because of his girlfriend
According to Taiwan’s news, Jay lost DHC commercial deal to Rain because of his girlfriend, Hou. He had strongly recommended his girlfriend to DHC as their ambassador in Taiwan at HK$250,000. However, Hou acted like a big shot and DHC was not happy with her attitude, so they decided to drop her. The Record company clarified that it was due to the Taxation problem as they initially thought the deal included paying the tax but it was not and Jay needs to pay the tax, so the deal was called off.

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