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Friday, September 09, 2005

Rain HK Concert tickets sold out in 1 hour

Translation by Renatta from

Korean popular singer Rain had left Hong Kong for Korea yesterday midnight. His Fans queue overnight without rest to buy his concert tickets, although the most expensive ticket is at HK$580, some Fans commented that they are willing to buy the tickets even it is priced at HK$1000. At last within 1 hour the concert tickets for the 2 concert nights were all sold out.

Rain left for Korea at midnight yesterday after his 4-days stay in Hong Kong to attend the opening ceremony and shooting commercial. He has numerous body guards ushered him to the airport, he was scheduled to perform at a big-scale shopping mall opening event in Seoul. Rain will have a short departure from his Hong Kong Fans for a month as he will be back on 8th and 9th October to perform his first Hong Kong concert [One2Free Rain Rainyday Hong Kong Concert 05]. Yesterday was the first day for public sale of his concert ticket at several ticketing booths in Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territories, Fans have been reserving a place in the queue since 3 to 4 days ago.

Yesterday at 9:30am, there were 100 odd people queuing at TsimShaTsui while at Wan Chai there were 30 people, those queuing in front were old grannies, it was mistakenly thought to be queue for [Free rice from Government] , one of the granny was helping somebody to queue, while 2 female fans specially flew in from Taiwan for 3 days to queue to buy Rain’s concert ticket, they finally bought the most expensive tickets on the 1st concert night and were extremely happy. While in TsimShaTsui several middle-aged male & female Fans who claimed to have queued since last weekend commented that they should extend more concert nights, they are willing to pay for tickets even the price is HK$1000 each. The ticket sale started at 10:00am yesterday, 10 minutes later, TsimShaTsui sale booth announced that all 3 categories of cheaper tickets were all sold, but half an hour later the same booth still selling cheaper range tickets, the staff explained that the organizer who heard about many Fans still unable to buy the tickets, decided to release more cheaper range tickets for sale.

The organizer commented that within half an hour both ticket categories of HK$580 and HK$450 were all taken, and within an hour the balance tickets of other categories were also sold out. Now they have personally contacted Rain’s Korea Manager to see if there is a possibility to add more concert nights in order to fulfill his large group of Fans in Hong Kong.

Complaints from fans

Korean super popular star Rain’s October concert in Hong Kong, the tickets for 2 nights have been sold out shortly after the booth commenced public sale at 10:00am yesterday morning. Due to the overwhelming response, a lot of Fans were not able to buy the tickets and many lodged complaints to the organizer. In order to fulfill the demands from the Fans, the Organizer hope to extend more concert nights but all decision lies in the hands of Rain’s Korea Manager.

Hong Kong organizer person-in-charge Ms Chiu Lai Kwan commented that even the internal reservation of tickets have long ago exceeded the limited quota, yesterday morning she sent 30 staff to help out at the different ticketing booths but were helpless. Due to many Fans not able to buy tickets, they called the organizer to complain, now the only solution is to request and negotiate extension of the concert with Rain’s Korea Manager. Ms Chiu expressed that she had already written to Rain’s Manager making request to extend his concert, and hope the final result will bring good news to Rain’s Fans.

p.s. Frankly, I don't agree to extend the concert. I mean, what do they expect: marathon concert like the HK popstars (Sammi, Eason, Leo etc. they hold concert like 5 days in a row)? That is so boring and make the concert less special. Plus, Rain have a tight schedule, he might have other jobs/appointment packed in his schedule.

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