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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rain defeats Jay Chow

Source : The Oriental Daily News, 7-09-2005
Translation credit to Renatta from

Asian popular star Jay Chow is badly being affected by the new favourite Rain who had recently successfully replaced Jay to shoot commercial for DHC brand skin product. The latest news received is that another Jay's commercial advertisement for One2Free which he has represented for the past 2 years, will soon be replaced by Rain.

Korean super idol Rain who visited Hong Kong, had been showered with much support, did not show signs of slowing down, putting efforts to shoot the commercial advertisement. Source has revealed that One2Free has recently contacted Rain to invite him to be their new ambassador, replacing Jay and the possibility is high. Accordingly, Jay who heard about Rain taking place of him for the 2nd time, was very anxious and work hard to negotiate with One2Free hoping to keep his present status.

Asking Price of HK$4 million
According to source, Rain's asking price is not steep, which is the same price as DHC at HK$4 million and again HK$1 million more than Jay's. Though Rain has become the hot favourite of Hong Kong Commercial businessmen, he did not ask for high price due to the high demand. The reason for this is because he thinks greatly of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan being the 3 [Golden Egg], hope to penetrate the Asian market through these commercials.

At 9:30am yesterday, Rain with 8 body guards travelled to a village near the seaside at Sai Kung, where the shooting venue is a 3-storey white house, DHC has hired an attractive Eurasian model Nikki Chow to be his female lead in the shooting. The shooting location was well prepared to shield from the reporters, it was surrounded and guarded by several 6ft tall security men to block reporters' camera. In the house, all glass-panel windows were covered with white clothes. Rain's van arrived and drove straight into the house, the reporters could only see Rain's back view, he was wearing a cream cap, white t-shirt with long pants.

Not picky on food
Shortly after his arrival, the staff delivered cartons of food including orange juice, grape juice, honey, mandarin orange juice and mineral water, also includes Rain's favourite – Korean kimchi and milk. According, Rain is not picky when it comes to food, as long as there are soup, rice, kimchi and milk for his meals.

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