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Monday, September 12, 2005

Obssesive Jay Chou fans goes berserk with envy

Crazy cyber Jay fan initiates war with Rain
Translation by: Chandie (

The competition between Taiwanese heavenly king Jay Chou and Korean pop Prince Rain has taken a new form, from 'fighting' over spokesmenship of various companies, to two groups of internet fans fighting over their idols, using very harsh and vulgar wording.

A fan who deemed him/herself as a loyal Jay fan counted five big crimes Rain 'committed' on the net, saying, 'Using evil tactics to take away Jay's ad campaigns', attacking his physical looks saying, 'He has horrible looks', 'Tiny Eyes' (um, hello, Jay has tiny eyes too?! ), 'Unsightly singing and dancing', 'Super Hateful' and even with rude words 'X you Rain!'. Some even went to extremes in boycotting the products he is now endorsing.

The prowess of Rain has been expanding uncontrollably in Asia, and even since he joined the Pepsi stable to join Jay to be a 'Blue-blooded person' there have been rumours about fierce competition. When DHC admitted to 'Giving up Jay for Rain', Rain has already become Hate Target #1 amongst Jay fans, and again Rain has replaced Jay with a $400 0000 HK fee for endorsing One2Free. This instantly sparked atrocity between the two legions of fans, and the fight on the internet has been getting harsher and harsher.

Manager is not responding

Even Rain and Jay's respective companies, managers, and the three companies (Pepsi, DHC, One2Free) have sadly become criticism targets. Internet forums have been mainly focusing their attack on how Rain has been taking Jay's campaigns one by one incessantly. The fans have become emotionally very involved, complaining about how Alfa is not doing its best to protect Jay's contracts and just letting them slip by one by one, and also writing essay-length criticisms on how Rain and her manager have used inethical tactics to 'steal away' Jay's contracts, also vowing to stop using the involved products.

Comments: Sigh... These people should get a life... They give a bad name to other Jay Chou fans. Don't blame Rain if the companies wanted him to replace Jay. What is Rain supposed to do? Turn down the offers?

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