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Thursday, September 22, 2005

New clip! Charmaine and Moses in DFOGS


Special thanks to Littleboy & CharmingSheh4Eva. Charmaine is so adorable in here. Moses was quite cute too :) Enjoy!

p.s. Added screencaps and translation. 26/09/2005

In the beginning of the clip, Charmaine said that there's two more weeks until they finish filming in YinChuan and return to HK. When asked how she spent her free time, Charmaine replied that her filming schedule were pretty tight therefore she only went to town twice and did some shopping, but overall nothing special.

The cast and crew of DFOGS has already spent a month filming outdoor scenes in YinChuan, Mainland China. Without a doubt the desert scenery will be magnificent, however the filming process was very grueling. Filming starts at early morning; before sunrise the cast will be busy putting on makeup, very hectic in the makeup room. As DFOGS is TVB's grand production, every leading character has more than 10 set of specifically designed costumes in their wardrobe. The total costumes for the whole series even exceeded 700 set!

Filming must be hardest for Moses, as his character requires him to be constantly beaten up. In this scene, he was badly injured until he spitted (fake) blood! Moses has a lot of scenes where he has to be kicked around, rolled on the sandy ground and spitting fake blood repeatedly. One scene may require a few takes of those actions over and over again. However, after filming those 'action' scenes, Moses can relax and film 'emotional' scenes with Charmaine.

Note: Charmaine and Moses were funny... They keep making each other mess up and NG. There's this one scene during rehearsal where Moses keep forgetting his lines despite his assistant and director keep reminding him out loud (by reading the words). Charmaine couldn't help smiling cheekily... hehe..

Moses has told the reporter that he's quite afraid of the difficult dialogue in DFOGS (in another article, Bowie said that DFOGS script was more tongue twisting than WAB - both he and Sheren once cried because they're so fed up with the NGs, so you can imagine if DFOGS script was more difficult...). Moses requested to practice his scripts with Charmaine a few times before filming. But Moses can get a little overwhelmed with emotions - he gripped Charmaine's hand too hard, he almost twisted her wrist. Poor Charmaine!

Note: If you pay attention to the dialogue, Moses character was telling Charmaine character to leave her husband as he (Kenny, Charmaine's husband in the series) mistreated her. Charmaine refused and they struggled.

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