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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Female model praised Rain of his superb massage skill

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Oh... I so envy her... !

Having gained his popularity from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan Fans after the telecast of TV drama [Full House], the Korean Heavenly King Rain yesterday revealed to Oriental Daily News that he will hold his First Solo Concert at Beijing Workers Gymnasium on 22nd next month. Yesterday was the official commencement of sale of Rain’s Beijing concert tickets at [Jung Chang Ying Hwang] office, the most expensive tickets of CY1,880 have been grabbed up within one hour – a true extraordinary charm of Rain.

Fans upon hearing the news of Rain holding a concert in Beijing were thrilled and have earlier started queuing overnight to wait for yesterday’s public sale. There were even two female fans each holding cash of CY230,000 and CY250,000 joining the ticket sale queue. There were fans coming from Korea, Japan etc.

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Complaints from Hong Kong Fans
Though the public sale of concert tickets only accept cash purchase, however, company cheques are acceptable for group purchase of tickets. As explained by [Jung Chang Ying Hwang] General Manager Ms Lin Bao Lian, they have liaised with the Bank’s Security company to provide security service at the sale office on the day of public sale, and to deliver sale cash money to be deposited to the Bank. As Rain’s Beijing Concert ticket sale is only available at [Jung Chang Ying Hwang] office, they have received many enquiries and complaints from Hong Kong Fans for the past few days. With this reason, they have considered to put up ticket booths at their Hong Kong (Emperor Entertainment Group office) in order to allow Hong Kong Fans to purchase these concert tickets.

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On the other hand, during the earlier commercial shoot of DHC, Rain gave massage to the female model in the CF, an act that envious to many. The female model later praised Rain for having superb massage skill, Rain responded saying [I was a born masseur!]. In response to Rain who has succeed in taking over Jay Chou as the new ambassador, DHC expressed that the contract with Jay has ended.

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Train hard for new TV drama
Of recent, Rain attended the praying ceremony before the shooting of the new TV drama [This d**med Love], Rain appeared as a K1 fighter look, with bandages on his right face, he was very immersed in his role, everyday he trained hard on boxing and fencing. Rain and Shin Mina worked together again, both singing praises to each other, Rain praised that the female lead has become prettier while Shin Mina commented that Rain has grown to be more manly than before.

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