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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Article from Next Magazine courtesy of It's just some gossip so I'll be brief in my translation.

Next magazine Issue 711

Gigi mimics Michael Jackson, Charmaine molested

TVB grand production DFOGS was filled with big sisters cast such as Ada, Charmaine, maggie and Gigi. Early August, they headed north to YinChuan for outdoor filming.

During the filming of DFOGS, there were rumors of bad blood between the four leading actress fighting to be the "Number 1 Sister". Recently the reporter went to the filming site and found that Gigi was always late for filming and kept her face covered in black veil all the time (like Michael Jackson covering his children's face). On the other hand, Charmaine who was rumored to be 'boycotted' was very friendly with the locals; always having a smile on her face after being molested (see, I told you that the reporter was crappy).

Covering the face with black veil
Up in the north: the differences temperature daytime and nightime temperature could reach up to 30 degree celcius. On that day, there were no sunshine, so Gigi have to keep warm with thick clothings. She also covered her head with a black veil like MJ did with his children.

Being molested
Charmaine and Gigi were filming their wedding scene on the same day. Charmaine who were not accustomed to riding nearly fell from the donkey, and the people nearby quickly rushed to help her and accidentally molested Charmaine. Charmaine was not upset, but smiled embarassedly.

Gigi hogging the umbrella all by herself
During filming, Gigi arrived very late with assistants in tow. Afraid of the sun, she hid under the umbrella, hogging the big shelter herself. A crew member complained to the reporter: "Always have to wait for her to start filming, this time it's even worst, we waited for an hour."

During lunch, Charmaine and Gigi seated separately. Gigi hogs the umbrella while Charmaine has to have lunch under the hot sun.

In DFOGS, Charmaine's character came from a poor family, therefore she have a lot of hardwork scenes such as carrying a 30 pound water bucket up and down the hill.

Another article scan credit to Erica from Bowie Lam Fans Discussion Forum.


Anonymous said...

Thankss you very much sehseh,

Yuk sickened/disgusted reporters, can’t they write more creative news. I’m not Gigi’s fan, but I think it’s unfair for her, what wrong with paying attention to protect her skin, it’s her job. And for the umbrella thing, I think that’s Charm herself didn’t pay attention to it, maybe she’s more devote to her roll because I think Charm herself kind of tomboyish sometime as I remember she didn’t cry when she got the accident while filming DFOGS and she cared for the child more than her beauty plus she likes speed car. Haha our Charm can be girlish and boyish how adorable, never get bore with her.

Sorry for complaining, however I’m in a good mood today after reading yummy ending spoilers: D Knowing the ending of yummy makes me feel better in this series I only like the part between Charm and Ray, Tavia, Eugine, Dad. Charm did a very good job again but for Kevin; he got my score only at the beginning, his character’s very good in friendship but when it became to bf-gf relationship him such a bad bf who never cares about his gf feeling. I think I pissed off when I watch what male character in AOM and WAB did to Charm but it's even worth when I watch yummy cause in AOM it’s kind of comedy and in WAB Bowie never said he loved Yee Shun. But Kevin ohh he’s Charm bf . Sorry again for over-reacting.

Hey next week I going to get ROTC vcd, :D :D so excited la.

After watching some part of ROTC, I think I’m more in love with CC and going to re-watch PONR this weekend while waiting for ROTC. Miss Charm chubby cheeks.

Bye sehseh, good weekend to you.


Anonymous said...

Oup sorry, I wrote the wrong word

it's even WORSE when I watch yummy not worth

sorry sorry


Anonymous said...

(I am range)

Such an interesting piece of news! I pity Charmaine. She has to do so much hard if she isn't skinny enough! I hope she gets a peaceful rest after filming DFOGS. About her being 'molested' (durned reporters), it's just an accident for goodness sakes!

Also, about Gigi hogging the umbrella and Charmaine having to eat lunch under the hot sun...

1) Maybe, like what anonymous said, Charmaine sort of sat under the sun without realizing it...or to make things short...automatically. But then you may say: Gigi should have offered to let her sit under the umbrella!

2) Well, maybe Gigi did, but Charmaine refused because she doesnt mind? How did the reporters know so much about their small matters (such as a QUESTION of whether you wanna sit under the umbrella?!!!) that they have the right to write nonsense?!

By the way, if Gigi did hog the umbrella or sat there without inviting Charmaine, I think she either thinks very highly of herself or she was just in a blurr mood.

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