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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today's update

Translated the news regarding DFOGS filming in Mainland China at the link below:

p.s. In her hand written note to fans, she mentioned that she is busy filming and thanked all her fans for their concern. Charmaine said she misses us too :) She hope we will always be healthy and cheerful all the time. And signed with love (Charmaine is so sweeeeeeeeet!)

Here's a bad news for fans:

There's high probability that LWOLAP (Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion) will not be aired in September. Perhaps due to the low ratings of Yummy Yummy, TVB might shelf the series for a while. I read from the news that Mr. Foshan will be aired instead.

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What happened to oppa?!

By the way, what happened to Kim Rae Won?! Where's his dashing and energetic look gone to? He looked like he need a couple of redbull drink in Love Story in Harvard. Very tired looking. And a little chubby in the face (but his body's still hot - shower scene in episode 1, oh wow!) I start paying attention to KRW since Attic Cat and My Love Patzy.

I have to admit; Rain replaced KRW as my number one oppa. I know, I'm too flower heart! :P


alice said...

hhahah that's typical sehseh....most gurls will replace KRW for BI.....i mean how about Kim JAE Won??? i mean he has such an adorable smile....if u didn't u should watch Rival!!! he's so loving in there....**faint**

sehseh said...

KJW is cute, but a little 'soft' for me. I prefer manly types :)

alice said...

oooo so that's why!!! but in rival he's sooo MANLY!!! heheheh i love him in there!!!:p

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