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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Charmaine's pic in DFOGS filming

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Plus, here's some update on DFOGS filming in Mainland China:
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My translation:

TVB grand production series (Dancing Flames of Golden Sands) are currently busy filming in Yin Chuan, Mainland China. The cast thought that the area was quite rural, therefore they packed their luggages as if they're moving home. Gigi in particular, has to pay more than $2000 for excessive luggage. Only when they arrived at Yin Chuan, they realized that Yin Chuan is not outdated at all.

There was a big difference of temperature between daytime and night in Yin Chuan. During the day, the temperature swells to 40 degree celcius and dropped to a freezing 10 degree celcius when the evening falls. In addition, the cast has to film all day long, making the progress extremely laborious for them. Some cast member has not anticipate the extreme weather and has to buy warm clothes after arrival.

Because there's a lot of restaurant in Yin Chuan, the cast and crew member often enjoy meals with each other. However, Gigi has to suppress her appetite. This is because the script for DFOGS was full of twist and turns, the dialogue was even more difficult than War & Beauty. Gigi said the script was very challenging and therefore she has too memorise the scripts closely (behind closed doors).

In regards of rumors of Ada, Maggie and Gigi gang up together to 'isolate' Charmaine, Gigi denied this and said that they are getting along very well.

Vinci has fallen sick while filming and has to return to HK to seek treatment.

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