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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I hate ice cream!

Last night recap of Full House:

Young Jae grew a bit uncomfortable because Ji Eun hid in her room all day. He knocked on her door but she refused to speak to him, insisting that if he have anything to say, go leave a message on the fridge. YJ got angry and starts banging on her door.

YJ: Come out now! HJE come out right now! Let’s talk!

JE got pissed and asked him why it’s so important to talk to her. YJ stutters and make up excuses that the house is dirty. JE say she will clean it later when he’s not in the living room. YJ yells at her that he can’t stand dirty places and forced her to clean up right now.

JE clean up the living room but didn’t say a word to YJ, despite his best to irritate her. He asked her to go to his movie premiere but she didn’t reply, telling him to ‘talk to the fridge’; I’m busy. YJ wondered what is wrong with JE today. Later at night, he came down to the living room to bother her.

“Hey, with that dumb brains of yours why bother to write, it’s better if you go to bed now because tomorrow you need to prepare breakfast for me.” In his dictionary, it meant ‘it’s late now, so get some rest and go to bed earlier’. Of course, YJ has mouth and brain co-ordination defect, as usual he end up sounding like a jerk. JE ignored him and went to the washroom.

YJ tried to get her attention by playing a trick on her. When JE returned to her desk, to her horror, someone – or rather YJ switched off her pc. JE screamed at YJ for switching off the pc, because she didn’t save and now her work is down the drain. Seeing JE so agitated, YJ chuckles.

JE: Why are you laughing?! Why do you enjoy torturing me?! Does that make you happy?!
YJ: (jokes) Happy? Not really but it’s sure fun…
JE: Fun? You revolting psycho! It’s my worst luck to meet someone like you!

JE is really upset, she start shaking and began to cry out loud, yelling at YJ.

JE: I HATE YOU! You are like mosquitoes, flies and even more disgusting than cockroaches! YOU BASTARD, JERK!

YJ was hurt by JE outburst and took out the floppy disk from his pocket. “Here, take this, I heard enough. I already saved it. Heard that? SAVED IT! You think I’m an idiot like you?!” YJ shouted back.

YJ: Humans need to communicate. You told me to talk to the fridge. How can I communicate with a fridge, huh? You tell me!!!
JE: (sobbing)
YJ: (Uh-oh) Eh, JE, I’m just kidding with you… Hey, wanna eat ice cream?
JE: Ice… cream?
YJ: Yeah, think there’s some in the fridge.

That was the last straw. JE finally erupted, bawling out loud like a kid.


YJ was loss for words. You should have seen the scared expression on his face, poor YJ. To punish him for being a jerk, JE made him sang the ‘3 Bears’ twice.

To watch YJ sing the 3 Bears:

To listen only:

(Left speaker for Mandarin and right for Korean)

JE goes to bed thinking about YJ. The next morning, YJ was relieved to see her in the kitchen and teased her swollen eyes. Before leaving, he reminded her to arrive at his movie premiere by 3pm.

JE: Is the tickets free?
YJ: Nope. Buy one yourself lah!
JE: Any discount?
YJ: Discount? What, you think it’s the shopping mall?!

Before going to the cinema, JE stopped by Min Hyuk’s office to hand over her scripts. She bumped into MH in the elevator and MH offered her a ride to the cinema. JE was upset because she thought that ice cream was something special between her and YJ. She wonders if YJ and HW shared memories of going to Magic World and riding bicycle.

JE: Who taught Miss Hae Won to ride the bicycle? Was it Young Jae?
MH: Huh? No, I’m the one who taught HW to ride bicycle.

“Really?!” JE was relieved because at least the she shared a special memory with YJ that doesn’t involve HW.

MH and JE arrived shortly after HW and HW become uncomfortable after seeing MH hugging JE. Actually, a car almost hit JE and MH grabbed her in time. Upset, HW turned away. Dong Wook passed the ticket YJ saved for JE and tell her that he is going to work hard. He even calls Young Jae as ‘big brother’.

Hee Jin, who tagged along to the premiere point out to MH and start drooling over how tall and handsome he is.

JE: Oh, you mean Mr. Yoo Min Hyuk? He’s my boss.

Image Hosted by

MH looked at JE’s direction and smiled ~swoons~. MH has a really great smile, it’s those kind that projects sincerity and friendliness, very approachable while YJ smile is more childlike and cute but a bit unpredictable. To be honest, MH’s smile really makes my heart flutter. *blushes*

I must say I have to rant some comparison between MH and YJ. They are like the opposites of each other, apart from being tall and good looking. What makes MH to be the dream guy? In the series, it was already mentioned that girls flocked to MH because he’s rich, good looking and intelligent:

MH is mature, while YJ is childish. MH is never lose his cool, no matter how annoyed he is. YJ goes for the jugular at the slightest provocation. However, sometimes MH can cold to other people. Once a decision is made, he won’t change his mind. YJ, on the other hand, have a sharp tongue but he has a soft heart.

Back to the recap. Hee Jin thinks MH likes JE and tells her to go after him since she didn’t marry YJ for love anyway. Plus, MH is rich… JE snapped at Hee Jin, warning her not to let her imagination go wild and most important of all, if anyone knew about her marriage contract with YJ, she will lose Full House and it’s all gonna be Hee Jin’s fault.

JE saw Hae Won walked pass. “Hmpph, that tramp is here again.” (watch your language, JE!)

JE approached HW and ask her to ‘chat’. *Ladies, sharpen your claws…* They went to a nearby café. JE asked HW why did she lie about the ring and HW replied that it just happened that way. JE then asked HW to stop bothering YJ and let him go.

HW: I’m sorry, but I have to say ‘No’. I think you are being greedy, Miss Han Ji Eun. Let’s see who will win YJ’s heart first.

HW visits YJ at his dressing room and asked him to go out with her to a mysterious place after the premiere ends. YJ said okay and asked if JE can tag along.

YJ: Um, can JE come along?
HW: Hmm… Nope she can’t.

HW sees MH and ignores him. The movie was about to start and YJ feels a little disappointed after seeing JE’s seat is empty. JE was sitting at the café, thinking about HW’s challenge. “I have no confidence…” (to win YJ’s heart since she knew YJ loves HW in the first place).

The movie ended and YJ tried to call JE but her phone was unreachable. HW came in to get YJ leaving with her. At the carpark, YJ was shocked to see JE waiting by his car. He asked why she went missing and JE just shrugged that she was meeting someone. YJ was a bit angry (or was it jealousy?) and started to grill her over who she is meeting and why.

YJ asked JE’s opinion on his movie and she said she didn’t watch it. “Then what the hell are you doing here?!" JE replied that people said his movie sucks and if he’s done with his work, she wants to go home now. YJ said he have to go somewhere else with HW and tell her to go home first. JE asked where they’re going but YJ said nothing (can’t blame him because he really have no idea).

JE: Young Jae…don’t go. If you go now…
YJ: What? (insensitive jerk!)
JE: … There will be no dinner for you!

YJ looked at JE with disbelief and said “Fine, go ahead because I’ll eat outside.” And he drove off with HW. JE stood there holding back her tears. Man, I really slap HW silly and wipe that smirk off her face. YJ feel uncomfortable leaving JE just like that and called Dong Wook to make sure she have her dinner and a ride home.

HW brought YJ to the playground where they used to hang out. They chat about YJ’s career, that HW used to think that YJ will be a doctor like his father, but instead he has became a popular star. HW teased YJ that she remembered YJ kissing her on the cheek during 3rd grade, and she cried non-stop after that. To make her stop crying, YJ bought her some ice cream.

Image Hosted by

HW then kissed YJ’s cheek and runs off giggling; “Want to get some ice cream?” YJ touched his cheek and smiled. They then have fun together, splashing water over each other. In the car, HW told YJ about her secret wish and how silly she was back then.

HW: But now… I’m more silly. I know it’s wrong, I shouldn’t kept bothering you, calling you everyday. But I can’t help it… I’m sorry.

YJ didn’t say anything and found JE waiting for him in the living room. JE asked where he went and he told her they visited their school playground. JE goes upset again.

YJ: What’s wrong? You alright? Want to get some ice cream?
YJ: Why are you raising your voice? You scared me!
JE: From now on, buy me roses because I like flowers.
YJ: Roses are expensive.
JE: I don't care. I want roses, ROSES!

YJ chuckles at JE. JE told him to stop laughing because if he does, she will like him…

“Mr. Lee Young Jae… If you are willing to protect someone, it means… it means you like them, right?

You can continue to protect HW, and from now on… I will protect you.”

YJ: Pardon?
JE: I… like you.

YJ was shocked at JE’s sudden confession and shrugged it aside as a joke. “Puhlease… this is even funnier than your rabbit and turtle story.” JE start laughing nervously. YJ tell her that if she have time to come up with this joke, she’d better spend more time writing her scripts. “Or better, go to sleep because your writing is crappy. If it’s me, I would have written 10 scripts already. Really doesn’t understand why MH would hire you.”

JE: I’m crazy!
YJ: Huh?
JE: I said I must be crazy!!!

JE was pissed and went to her room, scolding herself. “Why? Why do I like this jerk? No… No… It must be the heat stroke, yes, I must be sick to say something like that. I must be going out of my mind! I’m crazy!!!”

Meanwhile, YJ think of HW’s kiss and smiled…

Image Hosted by

The next morning, YJ teases JE before going out. He makes a heart shape with his arms “I love my darling wife too. This much… as high as the sky! Darling wife, I love you!” (sarcastic). JE got mad and crumbles the paper she is writing.

YJ went to HW boutique to try on some clothes. They chat about his busy schedule and HW asked him out for dinner. YJ immediately agrees. (All men are cats!!!). During an interview, the reporter asked him regarding his relationship with HW and YJ start to get uncomfortable. His manager was worried that such rumours will affect the box office results and told him be cautious. “Don’t hurt the people around you.”

YJ: Will Hae Won be okay?

Whack! Really want to hit his head! His manager said she was referring to JE a.k.a. his wife. There will be reporters doing an interview at Full House tomorrow. YJ cancelled his date with HW and the manager sent DW to return the clothes to HW. DW warned HW to stay away from YJ because JE is his friend.

JE doesn’t like interview but YJ assured her that there would be fewer people around this time.

YJ: If you don't like it then forget it.
JE: Forget it? If your box office sucks, who will pay my salary?
YJ: Hey, I can still afford to pay your salary. Talking nonsense!

They chat on about the interview and JE wonder aloud whether she should visit the beauty salon.

YJ: With a face like yours, you won’t get prettier so stop wasting your time.
JE: (offended) Hey, I’m doing this for your sake. So, you like it if people said, “Mrs. LYJ look so sloppy”?

JE was giving herself a home salon treatment using cucumbers when Hee Jin called and warned her not to do the interview. “YJ just want to use you to cover up his rumours of infidelity!” JE get mad and get rid of the cucumbers from her face. Lol…

The next day, JE told YJ she doesn’t want to do the interview anymore.


alice said...

GRRRRRRRR i hate the part HW kisses YJ....OMG....she's so GRRRRRRRR......don't like her!!!

sehseh said...

I'm more mad at YJ driving off with HW just like that in the parking lot. Man, can he see that JE is practically in tears?!

Anyway, where is MH the knight in shining armor at that moment? Hehehe... tonight YJ will get very jealous because MH wants to steal his 'rice cooker' away. kekekeke

alice said...

oooo YES YES YES!!!! MH sounds so confidence saying that " i will take JE away from YOU"...omg omg....i would really go after him...**faint**

Anonymous said...

u know reality i think i will choose min hyuk over young jae.. but i do think both YJ and JE had that 'foo chai siong' (husband and wife look) if u really observe closely


sehseh said...

In real life, i would choose MH in a heartbeat. Hehe...

But JE already gave her heart to YJ, and that it was more important. No matter how insensitive he can be, or the biggest jerk in the universe, she love YJ the same :)

alice said...

well....for me....i think i would pick YJ....because i like to argue alot...hehehehe..but i would pick MH tooo if YJ keep that attitude!!! ahahah

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