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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Charmaine Sheh wish to challenge ugly roles, deny TVB remaking [YWCFTS]

[CRI Online 7/6/2014]

Last evening, Hong Kong luxury watch magazine 《MING WATCH明表》 held a launch party at LINX Bar. Hong Kong TVB star Charmaine Sheh, TV star Annie Liu, renowned artist Jiao Huang etc attended to celebrate the event. During a conversation about watches, Charmaine revealed that she exchanged watches with her first boyfriend as love token. Charmaine also expressed she would like to breakthrough and challenge herself by portraying new roles, while denying the rumors that TVB plan to remake [You Who Come From The Star].

That evening, Charmaine was the highlighted guest. She appeared in a chic and elegant dress on the red carpet. Not only she attracted the attention of the reporters, the venue was surrounded by her countless fans. Inside the launch party, Charmaine shared her thoughts on luxury watches and evening talked about her hope to collaborate with Mainland China director Zhang Yimou. "I'm especially fond of Zhang Yimou. I'd be on cloud 9 if there's an opportunity to collaborate with him." Asked about Zhang's movie [Coming Home] which was released in cinema recently, Charmaine expressed that she has already watched it and it was excellent. At this she sighed that it was sad that she didn't have the opportunity to take part in movies like this. "It's really a good movie. I feel that it will be great of I have the opportunity to take part, such a pity I didn't have such chance."

Regarding roles, Charmaine had enough of similar characters and wished for a breakthrough. She would like to portray roles she never tried before: "I feel it's nice portraying an ugly woman, as I've never portrayed one. It should be fun." Previously, there was rumors online that TVB already bought the remake right for [You Who Come From The Star] but no one dared to challenge the main roles. Charmaine was said to decline the role of Chun Song Yi. Charmaine denied, "I've never heard of this, and no one approached me for the role." However, Charmaine feel that the role is challenging and if there are better scripts, she won't mind the challenge.

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