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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Magazine] Shanghai Dian Shi, May 2014 (updated with scans)

Source: 上海电视互动公社

Updated 22/5, scans credit to sophia7125 weibo
 photo 69475c5cgw1egm5i954utj21kw21e7qm_zps708bbf5e.jpg photo 69475c5cgw1egm5ie5g2zj21kw20inpd_zps8ed89940.jpg photo 69475c5cgw1egm5ihchjmj21kw1h6e81_zps300e7fc0.jpg photo 69475c5cgw1egm5iplb05j21kw22l4pd_zpsf280483d.jpg

Translation in progress...

Behind the scenes credit to xuuxoo甘鹏 weibo:
 photo 4870114cjw1egkcn27ay7j20hs0hswgc_zpsb54f1c6c.jpg photo 4870114cjw1egkcn9zl8sj20hs0hstbg_zps09b308da.jpg photo 4870114cjw1egkcn55mltj20hs0hswgy_zpsd560add3.jpg

p.s. Charmaine is currently in Shanghai to attend events and interviews to promote [The Apostle] & TVBC, expect plenty more magazine interviews :)

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