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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Charmaine!

Happy birthday & stay gorgeous, Charmaine!

It's Charmaine birthday! Head over to her official weibo now and leave her some loving messages :)

Hehe, seems like Toby Leung gave fans a birthday treat by posting this up on weibo:

Updated 30/5:

 photo 675ea4f4jw1egv1blez90j20fc0fbgm5_zpse8028f37.jpg photo 6b73a1cbjw1egudkwx7mrj20hs0dc40j_zps120abb62.jpg photo 6b73a1cbjw1egudgqd4w1j20hs0cagn5_zps5bca8f3a.jpg photo 675ea4f4jw1egucl7qfipj20yn0l979b_zps59806987.jpg photo 67916c22jw1egtxaxqcpyj20hs0hsdia_zps3a3c5228.jpg photo 671df653jw1egv3kacwjnj20ct0hsdht_zps32b53b1e.jpg photo 6b73a1cbjw1egu6raoxujj20hs0dcjte_zpsae4bc781.jpg photo 6b73a1cbjw1egubu4lnh4j20hs0dc40j_zps4349a73d.jpg

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