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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kenneth Ma says that Charmaine Sheh is out of his league

[Mingpao 16/01/2014]

Yesterday TVB launched online subscription channel, GOTV which will initially provide more than 10,000 episodes classic series for subscribers. Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Eliza Sum, Sisley Chou attended the event to show support. 

Recently, a tabloid reported that Charmaine flirted with Kenneth during their outdoor filming in Singapore. The two of them doesn't evade each other at the event and chatted in public like normal. Charmaine said: "The words used in the tabloid is really terrible, it should be Kenneth pursuing me, please don't use 'kau' (court) so vulgar, use the word pursue would be better.  (Kenneth pursing you?) No, there's no romantic scenes in the movie, he helped me to search for my ex-boyfriend." Kenneth who likes to request add intimate scenes expressed that he doesn't dare to ask this time since Charmaine's level is different. Charmaine laughed: "He's very humble. His level is very high. Our collaboration created sparks and fresh feeling. (Will you consider Kenneth since he's 'hot property'?) I'm also a 'hot property', two hot properties together in a movie, he is very professional and courteous. 

Kenneth jokingly admitted that he is pursuing Charmaine but doesn't know where to start, saying that he doesn't match up to her. Regarding Charmaine praising that his level is highd: "Is this true? I'll let everyone know if I'm making a move! Actually, Charmaine matched 80% of my ideal partner, the remaining 20% is because my career is not as successful as hers, I don't earn as much as she does, I have to work harder. (Cannot accept relationship where woman is supperior?) The gap is too big, I must improve myself first. I'll let everyone know in the future. (Both of you are no longer young?) Marriage doesn't relate to age, these are just rumors."

Allegedly, TVB is using GOTV to counter against Ricky Wong's soon to be launched mobile TV in July. Charmaine feels that GOTV and Ricky Wong's mobile TV are considered as fair competition. She will watch GOTV first as there are over a thousand different TV series and will watch other channels later. Plus she likes to listen to her 'chicken voice' in [FFOSM]. Kenneth doesn't think that it a counter attack against Ricky Wong because of the different nature in programs offered, TVB is offering old series, Ricky Wong's will be new series.

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