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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kenneth Ma match well, have chemistry with Charmaine Sheh

[Mingpao 13/01/2013]

Yesterday Kenneth Ma attended a function and received well wishes from Little Celine to find his other half on the Year of Horse. Kenneth, who recently got into endless rumors frankly said that he have not found anyone suitable yet. He denied the rumors with Tracy Chu and Rebecca Chu, joking that he want to find his love in scripts first. Mentioning a tabloid article claiming that Charmaine flirting with him while they were filming mini movie together in Singapore, Kenneth expressed that they already detected paparazzi during filming and even played a guessing game with Charmaine to guess the headline. Kenneth: "The article is really funny! Charmaine guessed correctly that they will write about her flirting with me, while I guessed that they will say Charmaine ignored me and refused to sit in the same table during meals." 

Kenneth expressed that his first collaboration with Charmaine is enjoyable and praised her good acting and having onscreen chemistry. "In the mini movie, there's plenty of scenes where I have to carry her and run. I realized she's really light. Some actresses can be really heavy and it was exhausting to film!" Regarding Charmaine not fully recovered from her neck injury, Kenneth said they too precaution during filming these (action) scenes as they are afraid to hurt her. Asked if the two of them have opportunity to develop further, Kenneth said: "In the mini movie, my character really wanted to date her. In real life I hope to film more series with Charmaine, we match really well during filming. This collaboration was really enjoyable, I told her that I'd like to collaborate with her again and she smiled in return. I guess she didn't mind collaborating again!"

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