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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kenneth Ma & Charmaine Sheh find love in Singapore

The two TVB actors are currently filming a Valentine’s Day telemovie, A Time of Love, in Singapore

Kenneth Ma may be turning 39 in February this year, but the Hong Kong actor got all gushy when he spoke about his co-star, Charmaine Sheh. The two Hong Kong actors are currently in Singapore to film a special TVB telemovie series called A Time of Love, and took time off their busy schedules for a quick interview with the local media yesterday.

On top of describing Charmaine as “special” and “pretty” – for a grand total of three times – at his interview, Kenneth marveled at his colleague’s versatility too. “She has so many different sides to her which are brought out by her different hairstyles,” he chuckled, “She can be pretty [at times] and cute too.”

He even joked lightheartedly about “forgetting” his lines because he was “mesmerised” by Charmaine’s eyes. On a more serious note, however, A Time of Love marks the duo’s first collaboration with each other in years – and it’s a pairing they find very refreshing.

“I think there’s some chemistry between us and some sparks on set,” Charmaine said of her new co-star and partner, during a separate interview with xinmsn.

But that’s all there is to it for now too, she later added, when asked if she would consider Kenneth as a potential boyfriend in the future. “There’s no rush in this, right?!” the 39-year-old actress joked in disbelief, “We have only started filming for two days!”

With “only five hours of sleep every day”, Charmaine lamented that they hardly have time to think about anything else other than work.

“Love," she said, “Is not on my agenda now.”

Both actors also shared that they will be spending Valentine's Day with co-stars in their respective upcoming dramas. "I will not be spending it alone this year; I will be filming and I don't even have time for sleep!" Kenneth laughed.

Charmaine talks about her poor health

The petite actress shared that she has bigger problems and worries on her plate – she was diagnosed with spinal disc herniation (also known as slipped disc) in late November last year and subsequently injured her right hand in December. On top of having to cope with the persistent numbness and pain, she suffered from lack of sleep and poor appetite which resulted in drastic weight loss, and weighed an unhealthy 42.8kg at her worst (her weight stands at 44kg now).

Charmaine’s biggest concern right now is to get back in the pink of health as production for her new crime and action drama series, The Apostle Walker, will begin in two weeks’ time on the 20th this month. “I really hope for a miracle to appear – for my hand and neck to recover,” she pleaded, with a tinge of desperation in her voice.

The actress also hopes to be able to execute action scenes in The Apostle Walker without the help of a body double – if possible.

“As an actor, you’d like to do these stunts yourself, and for it to be your own performance. I really hope that I can get better and do it,” she later explained.

Kenneth addresses his love rumours with co-actresses

As TVB’s man of the moment, Kenneth has been plagued by a spate of rumours where he is romantically-linked to two co-actresses – Rebecca Zhu from Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles and Tracy Chu from The Hippocratic Crush II, when they were seen carpooling home together after work.

The actor himself appeared baffled at the over-exaggerations of said reports during his interview with xinmsn. “I find it (the reports) funny too,” he quipped, adding that he’d knock off work with male colleagues too. “But their photos are not published. They’d only publish the ones of me and my female colleagues – and speculate from there.”

In his eyes – it is simply a gentlemanly gesture to send a colleague home especially if they film late into the night and finish work at 2 or 3am. “If we end work at the same time and live near each other, it is also convenient to knock off together,” he explained.

Brushing off these reports without a fuss later, Kenneth added, “I feel that this is an act of a gentleman and I will not stop doing it.”

Does he feel pressured to settle down soon given the amount of attention centered on his love life?

“I don’t have any plans,” he laughed self-deprecatingly, “I guess it’s because I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I’ll start planning when I have one.”

Catch A Time of Love on TVBJ on Jan 26, Sunday at 8pm.The Singapore episode featuring Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma  airs Feb 2, Sunday at 8pm. Subsequent episodes will be aired on the following Sundays at the same timing.

News and interview clip credit to XINMSN Entertainment.

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