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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Charmaine Sheh revealed that Kenneth Ma didn't pursue her at all

[Wenweipo 22/01/14]

Rumored couple Charmaine Sheh & Kenneth Ma recently attended a Chinese New Year celebration at shopping mall and hung new year decorations together. Since they made appearance as 'couple team', did they receive high fees for this job? Charmaine laughed and said that she doesn't know because it was her manager who negotiated the fees, plus this job was accepted prior to the filming of the mini movie (ATOL). Asked if they are fine to continue on the rumors, Charmaine asked Kenneth to answer. Kenneth smiled and said: "I'm afraid that the rumor will end after the movie airs in February, since she's not partnering with me in her next series. I'd like the rumors to continue on so we can earn more money."

Charmaine expressed that she have already started filming her new series with Raymond Lam. At this the reporter points out that Raymond already have Karena, so she can escape rumors this time. Kenneth laughed and said that it's the same for him, as he will be working with Tavia next. When asked when Kenneth will take action to pursue Charmaine, the latter teased him by saying: "He didn't take action, didn't ask me out, since my surname is not Chu." Kenneth was asked if he prefers 'Chu' or 'Sheh'? Kenneth joked: "I'm flattered since you all created those rumors for me, since my zodiac is Tiger, I match well with Boar (Chu), but I'm don't know about surname Chu." He expressed that he will be attending the costume tryout for his new series in another 2 days, so he have no time to pursue (Charmaine). He will try to chat her up in the make-up studio. Asked of Charmaine dislike Kenneth because he's boring, she said: "I don't know whether Kenneth is charming or boring, we only worked together for 5 days, little chance to understand each other."

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