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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Charmaine Sheh haven't thought of dating Ron Ng

Happy New Year to Charmaine and fans!
May the new year bring joy, health and happiness to you all :)

[ 1/1/2014]

Charmaine Sheh, who is recently recuperating from old injury attended countdown event last night and wore a minidress, showing off her legs. Charmaine expressed that she have recovered around 70% and said that she have temporary stopped working apart from the jobs she committed to early on. "I hope to get well soon, because my new series start filming in January, there will be action scenes. (Using stunt double?) There's a limit to using stunt double, it's better for actors to do it themselves, I will try my best."

Since she's still single, does she hope to find Mr Right in the new year? For example Ron Ng who also attended this event? Charmaine: "Haven't thought of it. We are good buddies!"

Regarding Charmaine emphasizing that it's not possible between them, Ron said: "She is really considerate of the people around her."

Additional translation of Kenneth Ma's interview:

Kenneth Ma revealed that he will be filming a mini movie with Charmaine in Singapore soon. Regarding previous report of Raymond supposing role of pairing with Charmaine, Kenneth expressed that he is unsure, but look forward collaborating with Charmaine. They have not collaborated before and Kenneth said that they will have an ambiguous relationship in the mini movie.

Kenneth said he doesn't know whether there will be any kissing scenes with Charmaine. Previously, he had requested producers to add kissing scenes with his co-stars and he was asked if he will do the same request this time. "I don't dare to! The level this time is different!"

Do not repost.

Sehseh: For those who might be confused, Charmaine is taking up 2 filming projects with TVB this month:

1. The Apostle - Police criminal series, co-starring with Raymond Lam & Michael Miu. Charmaine's role will be an undercover police. 

2. A Time of Love - TVB Chinese New Year and Valentine Special, divided into 4 segment. Charmaine & Kenneth segment will is about a man foolishly falling for his beautiful superior, which will be filmed in Singapore. It was said that Kenneth's role originally belonged to Raymond. 

So far, the news I received is that The Apostle is supposed to start filming in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. I haven't received any schedule for ATOL, but Kate Tsui, James Wen & Chris Wang have been filming in Malaysia for their segment this week. The other 2 segment are Linda Chung & Yeon Jung Hoon (Vampire Prosecutor! Lol excuse my fangirling), and Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan, Naomi Watanabe.

ATOL will be aired in HK and other countries (KBS for Korea), Taiwan as well starting January 26th. Looking forward to this since Charmaine have not collaborated with Kenneth before. Btw, Kenneth is a year older than Charmaine, so it's not a younger man-older woman relationship in ATOL ;)

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