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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Charmaine Sheh doesn't mind revealing Mr Right

Resuming work in Singapore after recovering from slipped disc, TVB fadan Charmaine Sheh said that her new year wish is not peach blossom (romance) luck, only hopes for good health. 

[Chinapress/Singapore Ent News] Charmaine arrived in Singapore the day before to film TVB CNY special mini movie [A Time of Love], which is her first filming project after suffering from slipped disc injury 2 months prior. The 38 years old actress expressed during press interview that she only hoped for good health in 2014. Asked if she would like Mr Right to take care of her, the single Charmaine said: "That's great too! Since I have poor health." She also expressed that if she found Mr Right, she will announce it publicly.

Charmaine said that one day, she woke up from sleep and discovered pain on her neck and numb hand. After medical check up, the doctor discovered that she had slipped disc which is pressing on her nerves. Due to this, she was unable to sleep well for the past 3 weeks and lost 4 to 5 pounds.

She is diligently undergoing physiotherapy and now felt better. However she will feel numbness when she lift her head or turn around. 

Filming [ATOL] in Singapore will take approximately 1 week and she would have to run around in 4 inch high heels. "It feels a little painful and numb. During filming breaks I will change into sandals for comfort."

Asked when she will fully recover, Charmaine sighed: "The doctor said it's counted by weeks, not 1-2 days... it's out of my control, take it slowly."

She also expressed when she was younger, she was not afraid of anything and would do whatever action requested by the director. Including jumping from top of car, getting suspended on wires, causing a lot of injuries. "Now that I'm older, the symptoms (injuries) are starting to show. Therefore I think that health is really important, I told my friends, don't need to buy gifts for my birthday this year, wishing me good health is good enough."
At the beginning of 2014, reporters asked whether she will look for Mr Right to take care of her. Charmaine joked: "That's good too, since my health is so poor! Actually I hope to get well soon, won't be thinking about the other things. I'm happy of there are admirers, but health is most important." She added that if Mr Right appeared, she will announce it publicly.

Middle of this month, Charmaine will take part in new series as an undercover cop role. Charmaine have not thought of getting TV Queen for this drama, she only hopes to complete the filming smoothly.

After filming [ATOL], Charmaine is expected to return to HK and film a 30 episode TVB series [The Apostle] with Raymond Lam and Michael Miu. She frankly said that she is attracted to the role of undercover cop, something she never tried before. However she is still worried about her health condition. 

She said that the director and producers told her that they will be providing a body double for her. However she still wish to perform the actions herself, and she will be extra careful during filming. She will resume her physiotherapy upon returning to HK next week. 

"The doctor continuously to prescribe me with medical leave, everytime I sees him he will issue 10 days leave to me. I think that if the actions are not that strenuous, I can handle it."

Why doesn't she wait until she fully recovers? "This is a complex question, I just signed the contract and promised TVB to film this series since last year." She have not thought of winning TV Queen again for this role, and only hoped she can complete the filming smoothly. 

Regarding Kenneth Ma claim that he doesn't dare to request intimate scenes, in fact they just filmed kissing scene last evening in Singapore. Charmaine: Never heard of the request!

Charmaine and Kenneth will be a romancing pair in ATOL, but according to Kenneth's claim, he doesn't dare to request intimate scenes with Charmaine. Charmaine laughed and said: "Don't listen to him, I've never heard of anyone requesting intimate scenes! I never requested to have any kissing scenes with actors either. I don't know if actors make this kind of request to directors... there shouldn't be such things in TVB."

However, she revealed that they just filmed a kissing scene the night before, he only gave her a light kiss on the cheek. Charmaine suddenly realized: "I don't know whether this is Kenneth's request, it shouldn't be.... the director asked me to kiss him."

This is the first time where Charmaine officially collaborates with Kenneth. She praised him for being professional, gentlemanly and optimistic. However, she complained that he start work later than she does. "I'm exhausted, tired every day and wanted to sleep, while he is so happy."

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