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Friday, November 22, 2013

Slipped disc surgery may lead to paralysis for Charmaine Sheh

[Oriental Daily 22/11/2013]

Charmaine Sheh whom recently returned to TVB was absent from anniversary celebration, raising a lot of speculation. Turn out that Charmaine earlier suddenly had numbness in her right arm. After MRI test, it was discovered that she had slipped disc, causing compression on her collar bone nerves. Her condition require surgery but it is a high risk procedure as it may lead to paralysis. 

Charmaine expressed through phone interview that she has originally prepared a beautiful dress and sponsored jewelries to attend the anniversary gala. Unfortunately, she suddenly experienced numbness in her arm, causing insomnia and loss of appetite. Her weight dropped from 100 pounds to 94 pounds in just 10 days. Her mother is really worried about her. Hence Charmaine went for MRI a day before anniversary and doctor discovered that she had slipped disc that is compressing the nerves around her collarbone and causing her hand to feel numb.

Charmaine's doctor advised her to undergo surgery. However it was a high risk surgery as the area is very close to her spinal cord, which may lead to paralysis. Doctor warned her against going to crowded areas and wearing high heels. Fearing that her condition will worsens, Charmaine immediately declined all jobs and only attended contracted events that she couldn't cancel. As this festive season is the golden period to earn money, Charmaine is estimated to lose a few millions this year!

To make things worse, Charmaine also came down with the flu. She could only sit at home and doesn't dare to wonder outside. "I'm currently undergoing physiotherapy. I need to take painkillers in order to sleep at night. (Will this affect your filming series in January next year?) Huh, I don't think I will get sick for so long. I'm already in a miserable condition. I will listen to the doctor's advice and I hope to get well soon so I can start work in January." 

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Sehseh: Hope Charmaine will get well soon! If you have a weibo account, why not send her a message @佘詩曼Charmaine to cheer her up?

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