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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Charmaine Sheh have no fate with HKFA Best Actor

[Oriental Daily 02/10/2013]

Originally Michael Miu and Charmaine Sheh are going to collaborate with HKFA Best Actor Tony Leung Ka Fai in an upcoming drama, but unfortunately Tony had to leave the cast due to injury making the two of them feeling its a pity. During phone interview Michael joked that he wished to collaborate with his 'junior', but heard that he had fractured 3 ribs while filming in Prague earlier. He even called Tony and found out that he is unable to continue working due to his injury and all filming projects had to be postponed.

As for Charmaine who is currently focusing in filming Mainland China dramas, admitted in phone interview that she have no idea who will be the male lead. "Earlier Tommy Leung (executive producer) asked whether I'm free in January to film a drama and I agreed to do so. However the casting is not confirmed, therefore its not unusual to have cast changes at this stage. Anyway, irregardless of who is the leading actor, I will be filming for this drama." Charmaine feel sorry about Tony's injury and wish him a speedy recuperation. 

No repost allowed.

p.s. It's confirmed that Charmaine will be filming new series 《只爭朝夕》Seize the Moment in January 2014. Who do you think TVB will rope in to replace Tony in the drama?

Btw, I know I don't have perfect grammar etc and if you feel the need to correct, just politely drop a comment in the post. No need to act all mighty in cbox lecturing me about grammar. I'm doing translation for Charmaine news out of interest and squeezing free time out of my schedule. I'm also fine if someone else want to take initiative and provide perfect translations in their own site(s). So there, for this reason I am not correcting any mistakes in this article. U know where d exit button if u r unhappie :)

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