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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vote for Charmaine @ NEXT Health Fest

NEXT Magazine is back with their annual healthy artiste award, this year they have renamed it to Next Healthy Fest. Btw, Charmaine also won this award last year ;)

The voting will end on September 8, 2013 (6pm HK time)

Without further ado, here's the voting guideline for non-Chinese reading fans:

Visit voting website at

1. Top 10 Healthy Artistes. You must pick 10 artistes for this category. Charmaine is candidate No. 16.

2. After picking 10 artistes, scroll to bottom and click on the button to proceed:
3. You will land to Sponsors' Prizes page. Charmaine is not nominated in these categories, you can randomly vote for other people by clicking on drop down menu. After picking candidates for all prizes, click 'next' button on bottom right.

4. Personal particulars. You can enter any (fictionalized) information. Please pay note to these sections:

HK ID - Put alphabet then 4 random numbers. Example A1234
Telephone - Any 8 digits starting with either number 2 or 9

After making sure all tabs are filled/selected, click 'Confirm' button.

If your voting is successful, you will be able to see the Thank You message below:

That's it! You voted for Charmaine :D

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