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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng wish to collaborate onscreen again

[Mingpao 28/08/2013]

Yesterday Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh appeared in TVB City to shoot promotional photos. The rumored ex-couple arrived at different time but coincidentally wore yellow clothing. They met each other in the makeup room and chatted, seemingly on friendly terms. However, they didn't enter the shooting studio together, avoiding to have their photos taken. Kevin expressed that apart from Charmaine and himself, the promotional shoots also include Roger Kwok, Jason Chan and Ben Wong. He said that he is not awkward meeting Charmaine again. As for Charmaine's comeback to TVB, he said: "It's good, we will have more opportunities in the future, I really look forward collaborating with her again. She is a very professional and top actress." Kevin indicate that he will publish an album in Autumn this year, and will film a TVB series later next year.

Since announcing her return to TVB, Charmaine's has been receiving jobs non-stop and she expressed thanks to the company's arrangement. As for scripts, she will leave it to the company's decision. "The company will filter the scripts for me, they will pick the best. Originally I signed for one series for 2 years, but I still have 1 leftover series from my previous per-series-contract, so after combination it's one series per year (HK). As for Mainland China series, there's no limitation. (Kevin Cheng said he look forward to collaborate?) It's nice too, can suggest to the company. The last time we collaborate was in [BTROC], hope our next series together will be a modern genre."

Mentioning about TVB restructuring their filming policy, Charmaine said: "I'm already used to the non-stop, sleepless schedule and I don't mind the working hours. I've already trained myself to withstand it. But if we could receive the scripts earlier, we can make more preparation so this is definitely a good thing." Earlier, Mingpao released information about Anthony Wong, Tony Leung etc returning to TVB to film series. Charmaine admitted that she is excited hearing the news and really hope to collaborate with these HKFA Best Actors because of the opportunity to learn from them.

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p.s. According to Apple Daily, they were shooting for TVB Calendar 2014.

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