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Friday, August 02, 2013

Charmaine Sheh has been single for 10 years

[ 02/08/2013]

Last evening Charmaine Sheh attended Swarovski event. Charmaine expressed that she collected a lot of Swarovski pieces and praised the Ducks range for being adorable. Asked if she have ever received jewelries from boyfriend, she said: "This is a secret, I can't recall!" She smiled and said that she's currently taking a 2 months break in Hong Kong, earlier she vacationed in Hawaii with her family. Asked when she will return to TVB to film series, Charmaine said that she still owes them a series: "Early next year, but I'm unable to reveal details yet. (Do you want to film series with studded cast like [Triumph in the Skies 2]?) I'm afraid I can't wait 10 years* for a series."

*Note: [Triumph 2] was filmed 10 years after the original series

In addition, she denies her rumor with 2nd generation heir. However she admit that she's being pursued at the moment: "We haven't reach the stage of going out on dates alone, but I look forward to it as I have not been going out on dates for 10, 9 years." She frankly said that if her boyfriend doesn't mind, she will make the relationship public. She fears that dating someone outside the entertainment circle will be stressful for them.

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On the evening of August 1, Swarovski invited Charmaine Sheh to their Fall/Winter showcase. Charmaine wore the new collection alongside models like Zelia Zhong, Lea. T etc. Charmaine appeared to be in good mood and even talked about her romantic prospect. She admits that she have plenty of pursuers and sweetly divulged that she is currently being courted by a mysterious gentleman. Regarding the rumors of female artistes being paid to attend dinners, Charmaine said she haven't heard about it. She even asked reporters for more information and was shocked to learn that she was at top tier. She laughed and said she didn't realize that she's worth that much.

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Sehseh: Charmaine didn't reveal much about her romantic life, only said he's not from entertainment circle and they have been going out with a group of friends. However, her willingness to speak about him means that she does sees him in a favorable light. Let's wish the best for Charmaine :) 

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Credit to Charmaine Baidu Bar

In the clip about, Charmaine said she will be returning to film TVB series early next year. She's unable to reveal more information because the cast/storyline/schedule are not confirmed yet.

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