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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Charmaine Sheh admits signing contract with TVBC

Added interview clip below

[Ent Sina 22/08/2013]

The Chinese International TV Festival (CITV) was officially launched in Beijing today with major TV networks, production companies, influential media and celebrities congregating at the exhibition event to promote the latest Chinese series. Hong Kong artiste Charmaine Sheh was invited to Sina live interview and chatted about her new management contract:

Host: Our guest in the live interview room is Charmaine Sheh. Let’s welcome her with applause.
Charmaine: Hi Sina friends! I am Charmaine Sheh, so happy to meet you here in Beijing.

Host: Recently the news of your return to TVBC or TVB was widely reported. According to Hong Kong media, the contract was offered at RMB50 million. People were curious. Why did you decline EEG and Huayi Brothers to return to your old employer?
Charmaine: Actually it’s just an exaggeration. I have discussed with a lot of companies and spent half a year considering this. I thought about my future and accepted TVB’s offer. I said that I do not wish to sign a long contract and they asked about my preferred time frame. I suggested 2 years and they agreed. They treated me really well and I’m very grateful therefore I chose them. Because TVBC have investment in Mainland China and possess their own productions, hence I felt there will be good development in both Mainland and Hong Kong market.

Host: It was said that you wish to advance in Mainland China. Now that you’ve signed TVB, what about your advancement in Mainland China? 
Charmaine: That is why I felt that their proposition suits me best. I hope to collaborate with directors from Mainland China, and also with new onscreen partners for a fresh feeling. They will have their own production in Mainland China and I feel it’s good having the opportunity to collaborate with other actors, directors and scriptwriters. 

Host: In recent years, there’s seems to be a lot more costume series. Will you be filming modern series upon returning to your maternal home (TVB)?
Charmaine: All along I’ve been filming both modern and costume series. Costume series was more popular. If I have the opportunity, I would like to film a modern series in Mainland China. From what I’ve seen from my fans in weibo, they want to see me in costumes, they like me wearing costumes and think I look pretty in them.

Host: Do you have any plans to film costume series?
Charmaine: Nothing has been confirmed at the moment. If there’s good script, I will film costume series as I like them too. I feel that costume series provide a bigger room for imagination and they have beautiful wardrobes. 

Host: We know that you have already been advancing in Mainland China for a few years, what is the difference between filming styles in Mainland China and Hong Kong?
Charmaine: Actually there isn’t much different in the filming styles, they’re quite similar. However, I feel that for Hong Kong, because TVB is a large organization they have their own makeup, wardrobe department, almost everything and all colleagues are familiar with each other. While in Mainland China, there are new faces for different series production. I can know and make new friends, bringing out new sparks, and new experiences in makeup or wardrobe etc.

Host: Among the actors that you collaborated in Mainland China, did you become good friends after filming the series?
Charmaine: Yes. For example Debbie (Goh) from Malaysia, Hu Jun. They always said that if I come to Beijing, they will treat me to dinner. We are good friends.

Host: After spending so much time in Mainland China filming series, which cities do you prefer? Beijing, Shanghai?
Charmaine: 2 years ago I would definitely be able to answer you. I liked both Beijing and Shanghai. Now that my mother has returned (to stay with me), I want to take care of her. I think it will take me a few years to decide, I don’t know.

Host: Since your mother is staying with you, has she urged you to get married?
Charmaine: No. Because my elder and younger brothers are married and have children. She knows me well, that I like working. Therefore she gave me a lot of space and kept encouraging and supporting me. Of course, they said that I should find someone, but I said let’s wait and see.

Host: Do you have someone you admire among your friends? (Potential love interest)
Charmaine: Not at the moment.

Host: What is your plan upon returning to TVBC? Any good plans ahead?
Charmaine: This I’m quite assured of.  Since I’ve signed with them, they will make the arrangement for me. I have confidence in them. There are some plans but I’m unable to disclose now. However they will make the best arrangement.

Host: You have already rested for a long time; do you have any confirmed plan to film series at the moment? 
Charmaine: They just discussed a series with me; I feel that it’s quite interesting. It’s a period drama, if confirmed it will be filmed in January next year in Hong Kong, a TVB production.

Host: What is the storyline?
Charmaine: You should ask them, they are in midst of preparation.

Host: Thank you.
Charmaine: Thank you.

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