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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charmaine learned painting for Mother's Day?

Today FACE magazine published an article of Charmaine learning painting with good friend Catherine Chow. Charmaine picked a painting of sheeps and spent over 2 hours at the studio. She didn't manage to finish her painting so she took it home to complete the rest. They (paparazzi) asked if she is going to gift it to someone, Charmaine replied it's a Mother's Day gift. 

 photo abd3761e_W1112_318_yin130506a020_zpsa15cc107.jpg photo abd3761e_W1112_318_yin130506a158_zps00bbaa06.jpg photo abd_W1112_318_pun130506aByPun006_zps4b90efe9.jpg photo abd_W1112_318_pun130506aByPun008_zpseb4797ec.jpg photo abd_W1112_318_pun130506aByPun040_zps9ad3506c.jpg photo abd376_W1112_318_Chung130506a002_zps814f692d.jpg photo abd3761e_W1112_318_yin130506a025_zps96d13f8f.jpg

p.s. Charmaine posted the completed painting on 10/6/2013

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