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Sunday, March 31, 2013

nowTV offers RMB120,000 per episode, Unable to sign Charmaine Sheh

[Mingpao 27/03/2013] 

Charmaine Sheh has a strong reputation as TV series leading actress. Even though she quitted as TVB 1st Sister and concentrated in Mainland China market in recent years, she still maintained a firm leading position among fadans in Mainland China. There were reports saying that Charmaine decided to repay a favor and sign with nowTV at the salary of RMB120, 000 per episode on producer Lau Kar Ho & Mui Siu Ching series [The First Empress]. 

[The First Empress] is historical drama collaboration between nowTV and Huace Media. Mui Siu Ching has produced [Can’t Buy Me Love] and [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]; both casting Charmaine as the lead role, hence their good relationship. [The First Empress] is Mui Siu Ching and husband Lau Kar Ho debut series at nowTV. It was rumored that Charmaine accepted the series with the friendship price of RMB120,000 per episode, a 40% cut from her usual fees of RMB200, 000 per episode in Mainland China.  

Yesterday the publication contacted nowTV to verify whether they have successfully signed Charmaine. nowTV Production Department Vice President Ho Lai Chuen denied the rumors, saying that with Charmaine’s popularity, they would not be able to sign her with just RMB120, 000 per episode unless it’s a ultra-friendship price. Lau, nowTV Production Department General Manager indicate that they will be picking the female lead from Mainland China and filming will commence in May. Asked if he has invited Charmaine for collaboration, Lau admitted both parties has made contact and does not deny an opportunity to work together in the future. 

In the recent years, Charmaine has secured a position among leading actresses in Mainland China. Her contract with MediaQuiz is expiring soon, making her the target for other companies. Earlier it was rumored that Ricky Wong from City Telecom planned to sway Charmaine with lucrative offer and Charmaine counter proposed HKD100,000 per episode to make him accept defeat. Charmaine made her entry via Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and maintained a good relationship with TVB. TVB planned to establish TVBC in Mainland China and reputedly invited Charmaine to sign with them with attractive terms and conditions. However, Charmaine is not in a rush, instead taking her time to slowly choose and decide. 

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Sehseh: It means that Charmaine is not signing with [The First Empress]. At the moment, Charmaine has two expiring contract - 1) Management contract with MediaQuiz - she is allegedly approached by EEG, also by TVBC 2) Per-series contract with TVB - she still owe TVB a 30 episode series and indicate that she will be fulfilling this debt in 2013. However it remains unknown whether she want to extend this contract with TVB. If she choose not to, she can appear on any HK (or Cantonese speaking) station, including nowTV & CTV.

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