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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charmaine Sheh joked that she scolded Eric Tsang

[Oriental Daily 18/04/13]

Artiste Charmaine Sheh venture to Mainland China has been progressing as expected. Regarding the recent flu outbreak in Mainland China, she think that it is important to build up immune system. Earlier, Eric Tsang was said to invite her to come onstage to sign profanity song, implying that Charmaine likes to swear. At this Charmaine jokingly scold Eric as a bad person, but admit that she don't believe there's anyone who doesn't swear at all. It depends on situation. Honest answer indeed.

Last evening Charmaine attended skincare brand [Lancome Absolue] event. The other guests include Candy Lo, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Irene Wan, Amanda Lee etc. Charmaine, who has been absent (from HK) quite some time revealed that she's mostly working in Mainland China now. After this event she have to rush to Hangzhou. Is she worried about H7N9 outbreak? She said: "Not really, my immune system is really good. Take more Vitamin C. However, I won't be going out and will return to hotel after work!"

Regarding the news article about Eric and a group of celebrity friends singing profanity song during his birthday party, there's a part indication that Eric publicly invite Charmaine to sing along onstage? Hearing this, she laughed: "He's just joking! It was so noisy, we can't hear what they are singing about, we can't hear what they are saying. It's was a very happy evening. (Does that mean you swears often?) Just joking, those who are presence that evening are like family, and we can joke about anything behind closed door, so I'm not angry. (You never swears?) I don't believe there are anyone who never swears before, but it depends on the situation. Shouldn't use profanity to scold someone. (Did he apologize to you?) I had dinner with him last evening and (jokingly) scolded him for dragging me into this. (Worry that it will affect your image?) If my image built from over 10 years can get ruined just because of one word from him, then I need to do self reflection!"

Charmaine was asked to comment on the rumor of Christine Kuo breaking up Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung relationship, cause people to call her a flirt. Charmaine said she could only advise Christine to be herself. As long as she has capabilities she doesn't need to fear baseless rumors. Charmaine doesn't support being 3rd party in a relationship, and has never been one.

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