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Friday, March 22, 2013

[The First Empress] nowTV & Huace Media grand production series

Pay attention to 0:34

[Oriental Daily 21/03/2013]

Yesterday nowTV held a press conference to announce that they will be collaborating with Mainland China production company; Huace Media to produce a new costume series. TVB ex-producers Lau Kar Ho and Mui Siu Ching will be the executive producer of the series titled [The First Empress 《大漢賢后衞子夫》]. Asked if they will be casting their favorite artistes, Mui Siu Ching said: "The filming will start in May, we will hold another press conference then. (Will you cast your favorite Charmaine Sheh?) Will use artistes that we have collaborated and enjoyed working with. (Mainly TVB artistes?) No, we will be focusing in Mainland China market, and also a first attempt at international market."

Helming the first series, Lau Kar Ho doesn't feel pressured at all. "It was stressful when we had to film [Moonlight Resonance] right after [Heart of Greed]." The 40 episode series will be aired coming new year.

Do not repost.

Lol a Mui Siu Ching slip of the tongue at 0:34, she practically said Charmaine will be in this series. It's not confirmed that Charmaine will be taking up this series, since the filming will only start in May. However, chances are high considering Charmaine maintained a good relationship with the duo and she just declined a TVB series with Dayo set around the same April-May filming. Too much of a coincidence, eh?

 photo 7b72a835jw1e2we228m3sj_zps7660cbb6.jpg photo 11139813_333230_zpsba6659c7.jpg photo 7b72a835jw1e2y5swr5gzj_zps2ae0bc36.jpg photo 7b7f35edjw1e2ngnsulmqj_zps1300c88e.jpg

This will be a historical series based on Empress Wei Zifu of Han Dynasty.

  • The lead character, is of course the titular Empress Wei Zifu, chronological from her teenage to mid age. 
  • The Chinese title said "virtuous empress", so I'm a bit worried it will be a Mary Sue character.
  • The series will star artistes from Hong Kong, Mainland China & Taiwan. (If Charmaine really take up the titular role, we can expect the male lead to be an actor from Mainland China or Taiwan)
  • The series will most probably be filmed in Hengdian, Mainland China
  • By going international, it means that the series will be released with English subtitle.

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