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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Charmaine lead girlfriends to support Namie Amuro concert

[Singtao 17/3/2013]

Japanese Queen of Hip Pop Namie Amuro held her 20th Anniversary ASIA TOUR 2013 in Hong Kong last evening, attracting a lot of celebrities to support her. Not only musicians, artistes from TV industry are also very enthuastic. Among them is Charmaine Sheh who brought along a group of 4 sisters for dinner and concert. They even watched Namie Amuro past MV and concert clips during dinner as revision.

Last evening, Charmaine arrived with good friends Sherming Yiu, Annie Man, Akina Hong & Pinky Cheung to support Namie Amuro concert. Charmaine expressed that she has liked Namie Amuro for a very long time and praised that she is very sexy and have great dancing skills. Though she doesn't understand Japanese, she enjoyed Namie Amuro songs. Another reason for attending this concert to see the professionalism put into the production of the concert. She also want to take the oppportunity to learn new things. She laughed: "During dinner we watched her MVs and concert clips online, for revision." Sherming is also Namie Amuro fans. She showed off pics of Charmaine and the girls holding concert tickets on her weibo account, saying: "Full meal to fuel energy for Namie Amuro concert." 

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