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Monday, February 04, 2013

Charmaine Sheh denies dating Bryant Mak, doesn't desire marrying into the purple

[ 04/02/2013]

Coming Feb 10th (1st day of Lunar New Year), Lafeng Entertainment period series [Marry into the Purple] starring Charmaine Sheh, Jiang Zu Ping, Kelvin Lu & Benny Qian will be premiering on Jiangxi TV. On Feb 3rd, the main cast attended the press conference held at Beijing. During interview, Charmaine denied that she is dating the wealthy and younger Bryant Mak. She expressed: "Being wealthy or not is unimportant (for a man), most important is he keep improving himself and treat me well."

[Marry into the Purple] was written by Taiwanese golden screenwriter Yang Man Li and co-directed by renowned director Yu Wei Kang and Lee Bing Guang. The storyline revolves around the love and hate of 2 sisters stuck between military Cao family and the impoverished soy sauce maker Xu family during the turbulent 20's era. To match the 'marry into purple' theme, a wedding ceremony was held during the press conference. Not only were the crew giving out candies at the entrance, the hall was decorated with wedding props. Charmaine wore a red suit as the bride. According to Charmaine, her role Shen Ying Xiu was a lovestruck character, not only she doesn't mind Xu family impoverished condition and marrying a guy her sister abandoned, there will be scenes where she pursues the guy and winning him and his mother over with her sincerity. 

Since leaving TVB, Charmaine has reduced her work load. During interview, Charmaine indicate one of the reason is because the lack of suitable scripts. "There were a lot of scripts offer, but there's hardly scripts from Hong Kong and Mainland China which moved me." She also revealed her requirements in accepting a script: "Challenging, moving and those that can make me shed tears."

As the series is about marrying the rich, naturally people will connect the dots and thought about the rumors of Charmaine being romantically linked with TVB artist Bryant Mak, who comes from a billionaire family. Charmaine clarified: "Bryant and I shared the same godmother. He is my little brother, I practically watched him grow up. Our families are also very close, therefore let's not joke about this. I will not stay away from him just because of the rumors, because he is family to me."

She emphasized that she is not a materialistic person. 'For a man, being wealthy or not isn't important. Most important he is hardworking, kindhearted and treats me well." She indicate that he doesn't need to give her surprises all the time, since she already seen so many romantic scenes in filming. "As long as I feel happy seeing him is good enough."

Though Charmaine expressed that it doesn't matter whether she have a boyfriend or not and emphasized that her brothers are already married with kids so the family elders are not rushing her into marriage (citing as long as she is happy), it's obvious in her conversation that Charmaine does wish to get married. "I saw my good friends getting married, having their own babies and I desire the same thing too. If my children can be adorable as theirs, I will be very happy."

Charmaine said that she have no preference in her boyfriend career, but she will not choose someone younger than herself nor take the initiative to pursue the opposite sex. "Actually I've never pursued a guy before, I'm rather passive when it come to courtship."

When asked whether she already have someone she likes, Charmaine mischievously said: "I'm not telling you."

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