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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Charmaine Sheh praises Eliza Sum acting flexibility

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[Mingpao 23/1/2013]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh and Eliza Sum attended cosmetic label Lancôme’s store opening ceremony in Macau. Not only they are popular with the crowds, they even attracted a butterfly that flew over to their chest, frightening both ladies. Charmaine said she is happy working with Eliza and praises her that she has good acting skills and flexibility as a newcomer. She is confident that Eliza will emerge as the next dongka fadan.

There are rumors that TVB is enticing Charmaine to sign management contract by promising a series with Dayo Wong. Charmaine expressed that she would like to collaborate with Dayo again if the opportunity arises.  However, she has not discussed any new contract with TVB, as she still owes them one series. Any discussion will have to wait after the series is filmed. However, she admits that EMP (Emperor Motion Pictures) have approached and invited her to join them. “The most important is the script, I prefer quality over quantity.”

Additional excerpts from The Sun:

Mentioning Bowie Lam sarcastic remark that TVB is facing shortage of artistes, resulting in casting singer Ivana Wong in their series, Charmaine said: “These are two separate matters.  Ivana did well, and she’s cute! Singer acting in series can spark new chemistry, back then I collaborate with Ekin Cheng too.”

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