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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Charmaine Sheh helped in fundraising for baby Qing Qing

[Oriental Daily 19/1/2013]

Three months old baby Wong Qing (Qing Qing) was diagnosed with congenital corneal opacity and urgently required corneal transplant in US, otherwise she will turn blind. After her plight was published on Oriental Daily and The Sun, a lot of good Samaritan stepped forward to help Qing Qing parents. Among them is celebrity Charmaine Sheh, who contacted the Oriental Daily to express her wish in contributing to the donation fund. 

Baby Qing Qing and parent

According to Oriental Daily video, Charmaine said that "(Newborn) Life is beautiful. But losing sight turned a happy event into a sad event. Therefore she hope to help her (Qing Qing) and transform her life, seeing the light again."

Fans circulated this news on weibo and Charmaine replied: "Sincerely hope Baby Qing Qing can see soon." 

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